Drive safe out there! (viewer discretion)

Drive safe out there…

The below clip may not be suitable for family viewing. Discretion is advised: … dent_nsfl/

That was horrific!!!
Anything can happen in icy/snowy weather. I try to stay off the highways if there is no pressing need to do so. It freaks me out that some drivers disregard road conditions, driving at the regular highway speeds. I drove from Terrace, progressively lowering mmy speed in increasing blizzard conditions. By the timme I near the Rainbow Summit, I was down to 10km. At that point I got totally blinded by snow blowing and couldnt even see out mmy windshield. Seconds later the gusts of winds stopped and thankfully, the rest of the drive to PR was clear of blowing snow!!!

Jesus, that was terrible. There was nothing either party could have done more than staying home in a fish tail like that. I did notice it looked like the SUV hit the gas, which under normal, lower speed conditions is actually the right thing to do, but in this case, it was just too much. Extreme steering into the slide would have brought the vehicle into the ditch / possibly. I suspect the person was afraid of property damage and trying to control the direction and damage to other vehicles / his vehicle.

-I always drive on the furthest of the right side of the road - to allow more room for errors.
-In snowy / icy conditions I slow right down to a quarter of posted speeds - or turn around and go home. If the people behind you don’t like it, let em pass!
-Truck drivers piss me off. They all drive too fast and / or are much too agressive in most scenarios imo.

You’ll notice that the two big trucks in the video had cars passing them. They’re driving slower than the other traffic. I don’t think the truck driver did anything wrong here.

Besides, Russia might be one of those places where big trucks have to drive in the right lane, and have lower speed limits.

holy shit !!! it can happen just that fast… that was crazy bad…bad…bad

There’s a dose of reality. Every new driver should have to watch that.

There’s a dose of reality. Every new driver should have to watch that.