Drastic service cuts coming to PRRH?!

Something that I am sure is going to cause some pretty massive unrest in this community (and it should). There is a reason why our hospital is a regional hospital…it serves a population base of over 20,000 people.


Think Terry Lake needs a refresher in BC geography…

Perhaps the people of Prince Rupert should get on the government about this article. Our surgeons deserve more respect than this. And consider the impact this would have on each and every person in the area. It’s bad enough having to go to Terrace or Kitimat when our docs aren’t on call but to imagine it as a way of life??? Not the smartest idea that’s been tossed around out there.

Providing adequate health care or public education is not a priority for this government. These are things to keep in mind when the 2017 election arrives.

I don’t think we have until the next election.

It’s time for the people of Port Ed, Rupert, Haida Gwai and the FN villages to get their local governments involved and for all of us to get online and put pen to paper to let NH and the provincial government know this is not acceptable.

LNG and pipelines aren’t the only ball games in town.

You may put down your pitchforks now:

[quote=“Mayor Brain”]As with all organizations, hiring consultants to make recommendations for cost savings and efficiency is quite common. It’s important for residents to note that this was an internal report, and Northern Health at the moment is simply seeing it as a report.
Therefore, to be very clear, there are no cuts being formally proposed to the Prince Rupert Regional Hospital - nor are there any reasons as of yet for residents to jump to a fight to save the hospital. For those that believe Northern Health would ‘sneak’ this decision through, please be assured that there is no possible way they can do that without extensive consultation.[/quote]

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put down the pitch forks as our lordship says to?
lets make it clear there is no formal talks about cuts???..bull ownknee.
if the mayor and council was made aware of this a long time ago, do you not think there was formal discussions within NH?
i would say that if they had mentioned something about anything to the local mayor and council then dont for one minute believe this was something being thrown around at the wter cooler level.

i am glad that there are still people out there that release this type of information to the public, as oppposed to hiding it from the masses as what appears to have transpired with this designation/service level.

but i think that service cuts in a hospital that has had service cuts over 15yrs…and with it in the public …the little people…the minions…can make those in power realize that the people arent happy and further cuts are simply unacceptable to the citizens of prince rupert and the surrounding communities.

Oh the pitchfork mentality…

King Brain has spoken so we can all relax and put away our pitch forks