Drama sisters!

Sedins…they should just sign for what they are worth, instead of wanting to be paid like real superstars.  Just PLAY HOCKEY!

yea sign on another team . burke can have them back in toronto he loves them anyway. waited too long for them to produce.

Looks like they will be in Vancouver for a while  :smiley:


but no more “Mattie O”  :frowning:


well its not happy canada day when i wake up and see them signed yeaa happy swede day. woulda rather had 2 marians with gaborik and hossa . oh well it would be too confusing to celebrate anything as a vancouver fan anyway

It’s a good signing. Both players are capable offensively, proved last year that they can produce in the playoffs and really love playing in Van.

Henrik is one of the league’s best faceoff men, which should not be underestimated. Winning faceoffs creates offensive opportunities and protects your end of the rink from the opposing team’s offensive pressure.

In addition, the 'Nucks now have good depth at the center spot (neither of the Marians play center), and while some will complain that they can’t play without each other, we don’t have to worry about that – they play every game and are tough for their size and style of play.

i do agree they good players but they need each other to hold thier hands . gaborik . hossa  camarelli so many players were available . that can do what they do and more. but time will only tell like every other year we have the same pieces to work with.

To play’s devil’s advocate:

We could be like the NY Rangers and shuffle the deck each year but end up with the same jokers.

The truth is this team may not likely win the Stanley Cup, but who the heck predicted the Tampa Bay Lightning or the Carolina Hurricanes would? The reality is that it sometimes takes a bit of luck and some stellar goaltending to get it done.

The reason we didn’t get past the Blackhawsks, or at least win game 6: Luongo. He’s an awesome goalie, and I wouldn’t expect a similar performance if given the chance, but in the end he is responsible for that sheee–ITE finish.

?? ?? For real?? ??

yes i agree he had a shitty game . but you cant depend on him every game .

Actually, he was shitty most of the series. And then there was that game against Anaheim a couple years back, when he decided to complain to the ref about a supposed non-call and, in the meantime, play was still going on and the winning shot was on its way!