Dragons Den in Rupert

Auditions for Season Six heat up in Prince Rupert on Wednesday, March 31st
Do you have a hot new invention or the next million-dollar idea? Think you have the moneymaking
chops to take on the savviest business tycoons in the country? Then DRAGONS’
DEN wants to hear from you!
The DRAGONS’ DEN production team will be in Prince Rupert scouting for Season Six of
the hit series on CBC Television. The show gives aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to
pitch their businesses to a panel of wealthy Canadian moguls for the chance to earn real
cash and real investment – from the Dragons’ own pockets!
Open auditions are taking place on Wednesday, March 31st from noon – 7 pm at the
Crest Hotel, 222 West 1st Ave, in the BC Room.
No experience is necessary – just be ready to pitch your business in under five minutes. If
you can convince producers you’re ready for the limelight, you could be invited to face
Dragons when the upcoming season is filmed in Toronto.
And as extra incentive this year – entrepreneurs with an eco-friendly business, invention or
idea could qualify for a $100,000 Greenvention prize from Sun Chips.
Please apply online starting March 1st and bring your completed application form to the
auditions. More details can be found on the show’s website at cbc.ca/dragonsden.
DRAGONS’ DEN airs on CBC Television at 8 pm Wednesday nights. Full episodes and
web extras can be viewed on the DRAGONS’ DEN website.
For further information, or to book an interview with host Dianne Buckner, please
Renee Mellow
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Justine Lewkowicz
CBC Dragons’ Den

sorry its messy - I just copied and pasted the press release :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh boy my invention to punch people in the face over the internet has a chance now! Seriously though, what a unique opportunity.  :smiley:

is it not called shark tank now?

Two different shows billy. Two different shows.

srsly?    thats awesome now maybe i can show the world my invention that i like to call “the lazy masturbator”

Rude latex attachments for your vacuum cleaner?

Just wondering why this wasn’t in the local paper or more widely known.

It’s on HTMF… isn’t that as good as the local paper?


I received the press release through hecate straight (the business started as part of the SEB program) I get all sorts of interesting info from them :smile:

u want a serious answer to that? have you read the daily news?

Bump :smiley:

The Daily News will have the announcement a week after it’s over.

I dont have any clever ideas or schemes to make millions, but i would like to watch the auditions…unfortunately I doubt that will be allowed :frowning:

i think ajaye will be there with his ideas to make millions

Yeah, a fish farm at the pulp mill site…I dont think ajaye realizes the millions it will take to turn the land from industrial to argicultural…good luck!! :smiley:

yeah this is just the advance team, I’m not even sure you get the invite when they leave, don’t know for sure though.  Ajaye will be there though in spirit if not body.

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your killing me here  :unamused:  lololollol