Draft budget shows extent of educational cuts

One of the draft budgets included in the agenda for this Wednesday’s Advisory Budget Committee meeting shows the potential impact of the more that two million dollars in cuts being made in order to provide a balanced budget for the 2008/2009 school year.

The biggest decrease proposed by the draft budget is the costs associated with educational assistants, which is proposed to drop from approximately $2.43 million to $1.91 million – a total decrease of $525,529. The cost for teachers is only proposed to decrease by $1,830, while spending on Principals and Vice-principals could see a $167,161 reduction.

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I hear a bunch of teachers were laid off yesterday and today. True?

25 teachers and 40 Child Care Workers have been given their notices. Wait though, Campbell’s goold old boys club can find 300 million to replace the roof at BC PLACE! Every school district is getting hit apparently.  Only confirms why I didn’t vote for the LIBS last election … brainless bunch of goobers!