Dr.Lindley = Crazy

Is Dr. Lindley insane or just rich

  • Yes he is insane
  • Nah, hes just rich

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… Lindley the dentist guy bought a Hummer H2 in Yellow… what the hell was he thinking. Dumb American :unamused: those things are useless ! especially in Yellow !

They aren’t that much… That Navigator he had a while ago has an MSRP of only a couple thousand less than the H2. He’s a dentist, he can afford it. Hell, I would buy a 911 if I had the money :smile:

I really don’t like those H2’s though… It’s like a civilian’s wanna be Hum-V… Cool, that rhymed :smile:

But yeah, wouldn’t complain either 8) Saw it a couple of times today. Wonder why he picked yellow…

And I doubt he actually bought it. It’s probably leased.

It’s like all the persons drivin’ the BMW’s and Merc’s and other fancy cars in Vancoobar… they’re all leased. So it’s not like they’s really that rich…

The older Humvee’s are like 100 times getter looking and they have more power, the new ones look gay gay gay. Ohter than that, i would rather have the original HMMWVV’s, the military ones, they have more power and yeah, they look sweet too

Bleh, he should’ve just bought a Mini or PT Cruiser, so he could be in that really cool, “rich club”

dude you can get a pt cruiser for around 30 grand now. i dont think that qualifies as alot for a car

So? Just because their rich, doesn’t mean their smart car wise… smart dentist wise maybe…

Well, I guess buying a hummer doesnt make them any smarter in the first place… ohh well.

pt cruisers are ugly pieces of shit.

you kids are like the kids at parties that get down on the other kids who arent drinking the same type of beer, you’re all like “blahh, why are you drinking kokanee, you suck, kokanee drinker”

  • and I’m just sittin there, drinking my kokanee, apparently suckin, but, you know, i dont really care. because im sittin sippin a kokanee.

and you’re all talkin about it.


oh yea, YOU’RE RIGHT!


lindley (while being a shitty dentist) did play a pretty good april fools joke when he moved his clinic from Cassiar… anyone remember it?

His hummer H2, looks a lot like babys lego, the big big blocks.


PT Cruisers (Didn’t JFK drive a PT Cruiser?), while an eyesore in my opinion, and not something I’d like to drive, are actually pretty solid automobiles that don’t cost too much.

The 2001 Cruiser was Motor Trend’s Car of the Year, remember. You’d think that that mean’s there has to be at least a little something to the car.

fuck their ugly, i saw the H2 go by CHSS today, everyones like hummer!, i was like dats one ugly shit mobile, go for the original i tells you

“Civilian” vehicles like that are an absolute bastardization.

It’s kind of like how everyone uses the word “decimate” incorrectly. Bastards.

If decimate is to “destroy one tenth of…” then shouldn’t bimate be a word? To destroy one half? Or septimate. I totally want those words to come up somewhere.

Dr Lindley is NOT smart dentist-wise. The fucker is responsible for my mouth of crooked teeth, and he’s also the reason why I didn’t get braces when I was younger. With the amount of dental work my mom and I had when I was young, we could have paid for his mercedes by ourselves.

When I was 9, he pumped my gums so full of anesthetic, I fainted in the chair, stopped breathing, and they had to call the ambulance. He gave me 3 times the adult dose! I had gone under the knife several times before and he had no excuse for giving me that much, as it only took 1 dose the other times.

He screwed up numerous times after that, and told me I couldn’t get braces because he didn’t have a hospital ticket for Rupert, and we’d have to go to Terrace so he could take my 4 teeth out so there would be room.

But I kinda got even for his years of torment, when I was in grade 10. He decided it was time to take my wisdom teeth out. Him, not me… I had nothing wrong with them and they weren’t causing any pain. He did not tell me that’s what he was doing, and coincidently I guess he forgot about the lil “anesthetic incident” which caused me to decide to never get teeth removed by him ever again, and he knew that.

I was under the impression I was there for a checkup, but I knew exactly what he was trying to pull (no pun intended) when I saw the syringe and that jelly stuff they numb the injection site with. As soon as he got near me, I flipped on his head, yelling and screaming about what happened last time, and that I wasn’t getting any teeth pulled. He tried to hold me down in the chair and stop me from thrashing about, while he told me I was getting the teeth pulled and that I knew and agreed to getting my wisdom teeth out that day. I said bullshit and kicked him in the balls as hard as I could.

Needless to say he couldn’t hold me in the chair anymore, and I jumped up and screamed and yelled some more, on my way out the door. I threatened I’d charge him with harassment for trying to keep me in the chair.

On the way out, I noticed some of the hygenist’s faces. It was priceless… a few of them had smirks on their faces and none of them went to go help him up off the floor.

I go to Dr MacMillan now… and a few of the hygenists that worked for Lindley work there too. Geeeeee I wonder why. The guy is a prick.

i forget who my dentist is, hes the one in the Greene Clinic if that helps

haha sucks to be you