Downtown Stores

It looks as if the 2nd and 3rd Ave. merchants only option is to put bars and wire mesh over their windows.  These vandals are just going right through the courts in a revolving door.  They are charged and then released and it starts all over again.  Tonites paper tells it as it is.

Something happen a couple of weeks ago?  :imp:

Over, and over, and over again are the shop owners left helpless against the scum in this town.  I’m sick and tired of it myself, and get to deal with it every day.

It looks as if the 2nd and 3rd Ave. merchants only option is to put bars and wire mesh over their windows.[/quote]

If I had a retail outlet in the downtown core, I’d be adding my own option.  I would place a full metal jacket through the skull of the addict, blowing his fucking brains from McBride Street to Five Corners, sending a fucking CLEAR message to the rest of the fucking addicts in this town who have RUINED our city.  Look at subway… or how about Galaxy Gardens.  We no longer OWN our city.  It’s been taken away.  Oh and the irony?  Look no further than last nights city counsel where some idot on counsel thinks they can make motions to clean up the downtown area at the merchants’ expense?  Yes, give me a magazine full of full metal jackets and I’ll clean it up, alright.

No this should not be left up to the merchants cost, I see it as a cost to our city. Like never mind spending money on stairs which go to no where, invest in more peacekeepers, organize a court watch where we as citizens can make suggestions to city council, the chamber of commerce and to the courts. The bottom line is youth court is probably still a circus. This council as well the previous council sat on their asses too long, now everything has become out of control. No one in the big office wants to listen nor act on it.

The courts are a revolving door for minors, its the kids with nothing to do that cause trouble downtown.  Its their parents who should be held accountable for their childrens actions, if some kid breaks a window - then mommy and daddy are gonna have to pay the replacement cost. 

In theory that is a great idea but if a kid is breaking windows, obviously it shows no respect for the parents and the discipline and ideals they hopefully have set forth in the home, so are they really going to care that their parents have to foot the bill for it?  I don’t think so, unfortunately. Somehow, the kids must be held accountable, the courts are revolving doors, the justice society and the community hours program is a farce so I don’t know what the answer is. Oh, how I long for the old days when you could make them do chores and not be threatened with a call to the police for cruel and unusual punishment.  :unamused:

Unfortunately, most of the recent break-ins to downtown stores have been by well-known-to-police adults, who keep replaying the same scenarios over and over again.  Do the crime, MAYBE get sent to jail, do MAYBE half their time, and come back and do it all over again.  It’s no wonder they still do it, I’m sure the same people were treated the same in youth courts too!

A broken window cost up to $2000 to replace, Im sure the parents dont have that kind of money

The line in the paper about the break in at Teddy’s was interesting.

The part where Police believe scanners are used to keep tabs of police whereabouts.

As Chief Wiggins would say, that’s some damn fine police work there or reporting.

It’s already been made clear in at least one other thread that the stairs you’re referring to were paid for and constructed completely with Rotary manpower and Rotary money.

Eccentric, I don’t care who built the stairs. My point is there are much more important things to invest money into and face it umbrellas, outdoor gyms come one. That is a waste of time and the makeup job around town will be destroyed by these vandals. If we do not get behind the laws and bust them we are fighting a wasted battle. Your mama and the rest of her gang of seven should get out from whatever desk she is behind today and apply herself to what she was voted to do.

How about instead of a fine, the people who are cahrged and guilty of these crimes have to work off their debt? 

But as for community hours which is a farce, unless it is monitored accordingly it has no meaning. I know a kid who had one hundred hours and when he hit maybe sixty they just let him off,never finished hours . I think good hours like clean side of highway and real shit, never mind charter of rights bullshit you must earn your rights. But every agency must work together on this so it will not happen here because no one understands the word network. Every one wants to keep their turf.

i think one of the owners of the stores should camp out in their store and catch one of the little / older fuckers and beat the living shit out of them. I think teddys has been broken into so many times over the last few months.

I’m sure most of the store owners would like to do some beating to these people that keep breaking windows and causing them $$ for no reason.!

Downtown curfew for minors. Add in free cruiser rides to their parents for some. Vigilant towns people reporting loud groups of kids, kids lurking around areas. RCMP hassle the kids, over time, the kids end up in Juvi or become their parent’s / friends’ problem. Just a thought…

The towns I grew up in ontario and alberta had 11pm curfews for ppl 16 and under.  Since moving here i’ve always thought it was amazing that it wasn’t in place here with so many problem chlidren.   

Can we have curfews for adults as well?  It’s not always kids doing every bit of crime in town.  There are quite a few “career criminals” who make a wonderful living off of shoplifting and drug dealing, and have been for years.

Shop owners have camped out in their stores after that rash of break-ins… but of course nothing happened those nights… that we’ve heard of. 

I also liked the part of the Snooze article that said Teddy’s had reported the robbery LONG after it had happened.

Such great ideas except Rupert seems to have substantial enforcement issues  :imp: Do we have a Community Policing Agency for volunteers or is that another “used to have it, don’t know what happened to it” in town?

Used to have C.O.P.s (Citizens On Patrol) but it’s been disbanded due to lack of volunteers.