Downtown Prince Rupert


Does anyone else living in this beautiful town of ours have any concern with the cities lack of effort at maintaining a safe downtown core ? In the last week I have noticed 2 broken windows on the old dairy queen building downtown , with an absent owner , the city should at least board those windows up and bill the owner …I’ve also noticed the old burnt our shell of the New Moon restaurant wit broken shards of glass stick out of the upper windows that could come flying out , this too should be addressed by the city and or owner…it does make me wonder …if the city can’t take care of the small things …how can it take care of its big plans !!!


welcome to Charles Hays version 3 :slight_smile:


Lol ain’t that the truth !


The old Dairy Queen was finally boarded up at some point today… Mike Scott of Terrace owns much of that block, I sure hope some business moves into the DQ space one day, but it’s never made it past the rumor stage


Has anything ever gone in that building? How long has it been vacant? 20 years?

What’s the business case for owning an empty building for 20 years?


investors MiG looking to unload the property when the time is right, maybe when hell freezes over…


hell will freeze over before we see something in that building


I also hope that happens. The property has been sold. It will be nice to see development on that block.


What about the current status of 7-11 it has been an eyesore for almost a year.


I don’t know about 7/11 I see they’re sign advertising gas prices has been off for a few weeks too now …but at least it looks like they are prepping to tear down the old new moon building .


not 711 fault i believe there is a contract issue with the construction company…