Downtime recently

Downtime recently

You’ve probably seen some downtime recently. I’ve been trying to migrate the forum (and a bunch of other sites) from a really old laptop with a broken screen to a newer VMware ESXi machine.

One of of the reasons I wanted to move it is because there have been some disk errors recently on the old laptop. So I know it’s only a matter of time before the SSD dies.

I had a really hard time creating a backup of the database and restoring it, as it had a bunch of errors – probably caused by the bad SSD. So I had to manually massage the database and remove the offending stuff. It was a pain in the butt.

Then I was able to copy everything over, restore it, and then it stopped working. Because the SSL certificate wasn’t valid on the new server :frowning:

But if you’re seeing this, it means HTMF has moved to another server, and it’s working :slight_smile:

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Also, there may be more downtime this evening as I make some more backups and snapshots now that it’s working properly.

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This new server is responsive. :slight_smile:

Have a question you may know the answer to.
I have a bunch of sites in folders under the main site. I want the root website to be in one of the internal folders so I’m using an index.php in the root folder:

<?php header( 'Location:' ) ; ?>

The site seems ungodly slow to load. Like a 5-10 second delay.

I want to be able to go to with that in the address (it does now), but just calling the URL to load from the folder named.
Which got me also wondering if I can make go directly to that folder but go to the root directory (and hit the old redirect if there’s not a trailing folder name)

I have cPanel access, but find the ‘redirects’ section quite confusing.

So the delay part… is it from https versus http ? A lot of browsers are confused by the two.

Does everything work, but there’s a delay? If so, it may be the browser trying http or https or whatever, and then giving up and trying the other http or https :slight_smile:

I don’t know about cpanel, I tend to edit things directly in the apache or nginx config files :frowning: But if you want me to take a look I can :slight_smile:

It’s not the http vs https thing. I recently moved the folder my site was in and just made a simple one page wordpress as I’m scaling work things back.
try loading (which hits that php redirect) vs Rick’s Area250 Computer Services – serving Fort St. James which is direct to the target folder.
I’m wondering if there’s a default time delay if one is not included in the php code. Never noticed it before, I’ve used that code since the days of php4

I have used that code for years to redirect .info, .net, .org domains to the main .com or .ca sites - perhaps has to do with no 301 for permanent redirect, so it doesn’t cache on browsers?

No difference at all for me when loading these. I tried a bunch of different browsers on 2 different computers (on two different networks). All of them loaded these sites just fine.

I’d do 302 redirects, not 301. 301 will cache on the browser, so any further changes won’t be reflected until the browser clears cache, which might not happen for a while.

I see a big time difference on my machine 5 to 10 seconds, so I’m not gonna worry about it. Just curious to discover why.
It’s an obscure site and I updated the links on the only place it’s relevant.
I’m lazing out in my old age only working on home computers and WordPress websites these days.