Downloading movies

Maybe someone can tell me: is it legal to download movies in this country for your personal use? I have heard that a lot of people do it and have been looking at all the offerings on Pirate Bay. I would like to try it but don’t know how legal it is.

As far as I know it’s a gray area, as long as you’re not profiting from it - ie selling dvds… then I think it’s “ok”, but then again I can’t even say “ok” because like I said - gray area.

I think Canada it is ok to download but not ok to upload as it would be sharing, and thats not-allowed, and yes its a big gray area, I think there are few people on here who can shed light on this situation.

Don’t quote me on this but I think it’s not allowed in Canada but the rule is not inforced. I think it’s just music you can download as long as you don’t upload it and it’s stored on an external media like an iPod and not on the hard drive of your computer. Like everyone else has been saying, it’s a grey area.

Every time you do, your ISP gets a warning from the Movie Cops.
If they’re like me, they get an auto-reply “Send a uniformed representative of Her Majesty and we’ll pay attention”.

It is totally 100% illegal. However that being said. The MPAA doesnt have any real clout as far as lobbying on our Gov’t to strictly enforce the law. Basically you’ll get caught if you pop up on your (citywest) isp’s radar. Say downloading more than 75 gigs of media in a month.