Downed tree causes internet outage in Northwest B.C

A fiber break east of Terrace led to a large percentage Terrace, Kitimat, Haida Gwaii and Prince Rupert residents losing their internet service late Saturday evening.

City West CEO Chris Marett confirmed that the break was caused when a tree fell on high voltage hydro lines, damaging the fiber lines which run underneath them.

Has this had an effect on residential internet? Or do they have a backup link?

Yeah, we lost Internet and cellular data. Connectivity was restored early this morning. Loss of connectivity was traumatic for my teenager. Hahahaha. Not sure if we have a back-up link.

I don’t believe there is a backup link because this wiped out a lot of stuff. Residential internet was down, interac was down, my telus text messages weren’t going through. In an article today they talked about how this new fibre undersea link they recently announced would be a backup link.

That downed tree effected cable channels as well.