Doug kerr memorial today

  Doug Kerr, a beloved resident of our town passed away earlier this week. Due to problems with the Daily News, they neglected to insert the obituary in Fridays’ paper.  I will have details of this wonderful man and his life here later but wanted to let everyone know of his memorial today at the Lutheran Church at 2 PM.  My condolences to his family and God Bless Mr. Kerr.

I am posting an email sent to me from a dear friend of the Kerr Family who wishes Rupert residents be aware of the disrespect shown this family by the Daily News in this sad time.  As follows…“Doug Kerr, passed away earlier this week at the age of 97.  Being one of Prince Ruperts’ older residents, he was a well respected member of this community. He was very active in sports with the younger folks as well. There is a baseball field dedicated to him for his many years of service and volunteering.  I was very sad last night when I received a call from the family informing me that although the obituary was prepared and submitted on Tuesday and proofread on Thursday for the family for the printing in the Daily News on Friday, it was NOT printed.  What disrespect to the family who has contributed so much to our community.  Also, what a disgrace to have the Prince Rupert Daily News operate as a newspaper in Prince Rupert.  I guess the Daily Snooze is appropriate for this establishment.  My heart goes out to the family of Doug Kerr.  I am one of the fortunate residents and friends of the family that will be able to attend his Memorial today at 2PM at the Lutheran Church.”

The Daily News was certainly not slow getting the word out when the general manager girlfriend’s dog was lost. There were many notices and ads in the paper the next day after it ran away, even one on the front page.
I’ve had trouble too getting an ad in in time, then they got my phone number wrong and it took them another two days before it was finally in there correctly. Over a week after I had requested it.

I am sorry to hear of Doug’s passing.

The Daily News, I find (as a former resident who has returned for a short time to the city) to be rude, disrespectful and unwilling to accommodate paying advertisers.

Certainly the passing of a long-time resident deserves more respect and “missing a print deadline”. Shame on you, daily news.

It is absolutely horrible.  I can’t even imagine what the family is going through.  There is so much to do at a time like this aside from dealing with their own grief, you would think that placing an obituary for a loved one in our local paper would be the least of their worries.  There is no apology great enough to cover this. And you are right about the Managers girlfriends’ dog, mass coverage .  The guy should get his priorities straight, shake up his friggin staff or resign !!

Did someone mention Sterling Press? This should be brought up with the main head office. You are right for bringing this kind of handling of such an important announcement of such a well respected gentleman and family. I do not call many out there a gentleman but at this time I have no problem. My condolences to the whole family for their loss at this time.

Concolences to the family, Mr. Kerr was a postive force in this community and clearly had touched a number of lives.

It’s unfortunate that the Daily News mishandled his obituary, there were many in the community who would have wished to have read those words from his family, many more may have only found out of his passing from it.

I wouldn’t want to be answering the phone at the Daily News on Monday…

Perhaps someone can ask the family for their copy of it and post the obit here for those that could not attend the funeral service today.

This whole fiasco leaves a bad taste in my mouth…

Doug Kerr was a gentleman, loved and respected by so many.  Doug returned to our community a war hero, but he rarely spoke of his time at war, and very few people knew he earned a Distinguished Flying Cross for his dedication to duty for our country.  He worked hard and played hard and he always took time to listen.  He gave his time to countless youth in the community as a baseball coach and umpire and could be seen lining the field when there was no one else to do it.  He was a fierce competitor at curling and golf and, upon his retirement, he became the ice maker at the Curling Club.  Doug was a devoted family man, raising his children and grandchildren with old fashioned values of courtesy, honesty and a strong work ethic.  He also taught them to love and respect nature and their responsibility to it. His great grandchildren enjoyed his company and spent hours with him pursuing back yard activities when he was no longer as active outdoors.  Doug spent many hours hunting and fishing with friends and family and loved to camp, hike and explore the great outdoors.  In a world where we struggle to find leaders Doug Kerr stood out as a community benefactor and a true role model.

It is ironic that the Daily News not only “missed the boat” by not featuring a story of his passing, and the mark he left on our community, but, the News also neglected to print the obituary and information for Mr. Kerr’s funeral service.  The Kerr family, already grieving, was left to spend the evening before the funeral on the phone calling as many people as they could to share these details…

At the very least, a written apology should appear in the Daily News, and hey, why not a feature story on Mr. Doug Kerr ~ a community icon.

Why are you still reading the Daily News?  The paper is irrelevant.  Period.  It is a delivery vehicle for flyers, and nothing else.  They have zero credibility, and are banking on the stupidity of their readers.  You guys complain about it, but you still buy it, and you still allow them to charge to deliver all those ads to you.  Stop buying it if you don’t like it.  I haven’t bought a Daily News in 2 years. 

As for the Doug Kerr fiasco, call the advertisers of the paper and tell them that you’re not going to be buying the paper anymore. 

That’s the only language that the Daily News understands.  Sales.  If you are buying the paper, they don’t care if you like it or not.  You’re still buying it. 

And now you’ll buy it to read their apology for the Doug Kerr fiasco.  Double their sales!

On your last point, if we somehow get access to the planned obit from the family and post it here, then, at least there will be no need to wait for the Daily News to provide the obligatory we’re sorry stories… and less chance to fill their coffers from the fiasco.

The ONLY time I read the Snooze is when we get the free Wednesday and Friday papers, provided they get delivered.  The snooze sucks - they even fucked up a relatives Obit in the paper recently by putting the wrong date for the Memorial Service.  Its amazing they are still in business!  Idiots!

Some people DON’T buy the Snooze.  Isn’t the piece of mindless trash delivered to some on Wed and Fri. for free.  Even then, I don’t bother to read it  :neutral_face:        THANK YOU amelie for the beautiful post…I was not acquainted with Mr.Kerr but from the wonderful things I have heard of him, he was indeed a great mentor and a wonderful man.    In my opinion, there is nothing the Daily News can do to make up for their lack of respect and compassion.  If I thought they were trash before, it has since been confirmed.

My deepest sympathy goes out to Mr. Kerr’s family in this difficult time. 

I wasn’t able to get a copy of the paper today. Was there any information or apology to the family?  I received an email today from my friend who is very close to the family and they send their appreciation to us for informing as many people as possible of the memorial so I thank all of you for allowing me the opportunity to do that.

Yes, the obit was published today.

We didn’t get a paper at the office today.  It appears the entire block was missed.  I didn’t know about Mr. Kerr’s passing until I got to this thread at 6:39pm… four and a half hours after the scheduled memorial.  This (daily news) is so upsetting :frowning:

Yes, the obit was published today.

Wish not to get in trouble here bubbasteve, do not want to mess your feathers but my partner and I could not figure out if it is in , then why bother three days after they have had the service for this gentleman. Noticed you jumped last evening when Justin made a comment. Do you not think they owe money back and also an apology. My lady and I do not wish to even read the freebie either.[/quote]

Please tell me there was an apology because if they just posted a “late” obit then that is almost as disrespectful as none at all.  It’s like throwing it up in their faces and saying “Here, happy now” Not enough for the Kerr Family, PRDN, not near enough. Better to  refund them, hopefully do a story of this very nice man as he deserves one. Trouble is even if they write a story, it would be as though they were doing it out of obligation. Better to leave it alone. You have done ENOUGH. You have lost whatever little credibility you had.

So they should apologize? No wait, they shouldn’t apologize? They should make amends. No wait, they should pretend it didn’t happen?

Look, I’m critical of the Daily News as much as the next guy, and from the sounds of this particular incident, it would appear that they’ve bollocksed it pretty well.

But it seems like you already have your mind made up that you’re going to be angry with the paper no matter what they do. I don’t think that’s really fair to them… even if you were able to make coherent suggestions for them, and they followed them to the letter, I think that you would manufacture outrage against them for something else.

All of this circle-jerking about how much we all hate the Daily News doesn’t help anybody.