Doom 3


Countdown here:

all half life mods are better

buy it?

its not even going to have multiplayer co-op…exclusive xbox live feature or something :unamused:

xbox sucks… :smiling_imp:

x-box aint bad

they have good games like soul calibur 2 (spawn!) and mech assault :smile:

as for (BUYING) doom 3, nah if it doesn’t have multi-player than why not just d/l it instead

xbox is huge, lol

I like x-box… had one at a time sold it, worst thing ever… When i was at OUC we had 16 player halo games lol it was rad, had some tourneys. played mech assault which kicks MAJOR ass, it was just fun. gonna buy another one pretty soon (any for sale :smiley:)

anyone play this yet?

pretty cool/freaky game, graphics are lovely, even at 640x480

Co-op is for pussies, anyway.

I’ll probably buy Doom 3 in a few months when it costs $19.99 at Staples.

Doom 3 is pretty sweet. It’s brutal on the video card but I can manage mediumish settings at 1024 resolution with my 9500Prp (overclocked) and 2.2Ghz Barton.

If you have Dolby 5.1 or a set of good headphones, turnt he lights out and have a game. I guarantee you’ll jump within the first few minutes of game play. Everythign about this game appears to have been designed to scare the shit out of you. Especially the lighting and audio.

id doesn’t make games, they make platforms. I don’t think they should even bother with creative content. (Upside-down flaming skulls that shoot heat-seeking snotballs and stuff).

Well, I just finished recording it here at work. I’m pretty stoked to try it out at home. I got a pretty good sound setup, with a Sound Blaster Audigy2 and Logitech Z560 speakers, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Hopefully it’s as good as I’ve heard. I’ve been waiting a long time to play it.

medium quality and high quality run pretty much the same at 1024x768 on my comp (p4 1.8 @ 2.54, radeon 9700 np @ 303.75/290.25, 1 gig ddr333 ram), medium quality gives only a 1-2 increase in fps.

this tweak upped my fps a few also:

go to *\Doom 3\base
open DoomConfig.cfg
go to the line: seta image_cacheMegs
change it to 128 or something

mine was set to 20 at default.

doom3 beta 2.0 runs alright on my 64 mb geforce2 PRO vid card

also thanks for a tweak -nate- will come in handy =)

ah yes gotta love shootin’ up them zombies over and over again :slight_smile:

Bought my daughter LOTR but it won’t install on her HP. (XP Pro and Radeon 7500). I couldn’t get it to install on another computer w XP Pro and onboard Sis video either. Just get ‘encountered an error’ messages.
Anyone have any tips? Or do I have bad copy (it’s legit)?

Maybe go to the website and check out the recognmadations or go to the FAQ section.

What a crazy game… Get it!

And while I’m at it:

Well, been playing it since it came out and i can sum it up in 2 words.


There is an 8, 16, and 32 player mods out atm, and lots more…
chainsaw only matches are wicked.

now a screenie for you people.