Don't want to hear complaints about Rupert

Get this. It’s 10 days til Xmas. Friday nite.
My gf works in the bar here. It’s 11:20 on a Friday night and she’s home. Zero customers since 9:30 pm.
She had a Xmas party there for a business in town. Cooked Black Forest cakes since yesterday, prime rib, etc.
The cooks and waitresses shared the $30 tip. From a company party.
Last weeks Xmas party of 15 ran a tab of a mere $128 for liquor.
They left a $2 tip.

Cheap fuckers.
Next time you meet someone from the Fort, don’t buy the wildman fightin’ redneck image. Cheap.

Ironically, Herbie, all your posts about the Fort make me want to visit and check it out for myself.

Is it like on TV?  If I walk into the bar, will the music stop and people will all stare at me?

LOL, just as long as they’re not playing Dueling Banjos on the juke box, for that might make for an interesting visit…

From what herbie is saying, the only thing you’ll get from walking into a bar is a big bruise on your knees from the hardwood since there would be no one else there.

Most restaurants these days have a written “15% gratuity charged for parties of 8 people or more” clause in their menus…sounds like they need to slap that onto the ones where she works!

The staff wanted to put a 15% gratuity on the bill, the boss said no.
Not ALL the people are cheap, but it’s weird. Get a group together and the tightwad comes out… we often get stares if we’re in a group for tossing 5s or 10s on the table and telling others 'let’s leave the tip separate so the boss doesn’t steal it, cuz a lot of them do.

I used to think BC Tel guys were the cheapest… I think I was the only one that ever tipped when we when for coffee.

Rupert teachers are cheap.  Especially with tipping.  That’s a stereotype I try to fight all the time.

Canadians are bad tippers – that’s the stereotype (especially in the American South).  “Y’all from Canada?  Oh…”

When I lived in Langley we were on the other side so often we were well aware of the ‘tightfisted Canuck Syndrome’… it was hard to not over-compensate!

The other thing we’ve adopted is CASH. We always enter ZERO on those damn debit machines that ask for gratuity and leave cash for the waitress. After 40 yrs in the workforce, I know damn well how it works. The boss demands a slice. The boss demands a slice for the busboy, so he can pay even less. The boss does take it out of your pay if someone steals gas at 3:00 in the morning, that’s why those kids chased the thief and wound up dead for minimum wage.
Hell, I go so far as to say that anything I tip is ‘gifted’ and CRA has no fucking right to a slice. That’s part of why I don’t put it on Visa or Debit cards.

lol my family is cheap, when I was younger I would wait til they left to leave my tip on the table.  retired, pension, compensation, medical, E.I., their jobs, they made more money then I did and didn’t like tipping, when I was a teen  I worked at a Tim Hortons in Victoria and it was pretty hectic.  some people won’t even say thanks or leave a tip I remember in my first week working there a lady paid for her coffee and meal and I closed the til too fast and she made me get management for “trying to steal her change” we all had a good laugh in the back cause it was only 3 cents.  on good days i’d make $15 - $20 in a 8 hour shift working there, ahh the crappy old days working for very little and getting yelled at for “taking my time” I always tip whether it be a waitress/waiter, person at a til, or where ever I might be,  cause those people that work those jobs and keep them for more then a year are real troopers, the people they put up with,  the wages they make.  I personally made a switch and got out while I was still young.

Totally agree…and Im not trying to pick on the teachers, I waitressed this summer…they took up my section for at least 3 hrs of my shift and left me coins…One teacher said “Ohh I have no change…catch yah next time”…Yah thats fine if a regular said that but I NEVER saw him again.

My mom says the same thing about teachers…haha and she is one!! Althought she is anything but cheap!