Don't over-think it

The Russians Have Landed.
obrigado muito muito
Or should I say:
большое спасибо comrade

If you contact the russians, they’ll point you to a private Mac OS X-only torrent site.  That’s what I hear, anyway.

Cool. Now that I can Stuffit I have a lot more options. But I’m not ready for prime time yet, still not quite sure of how programs actually work.
.dmg ?? what is that exactly, the downloaded file, or the executable itself? I showed the Mac off and several ppl used it. My MSN messenger showed in the dock, but didn’t start when I clicked it. Looked with spotlight and saw many MSN folders but no actual program. I downloaded it again, clicked it and it all started working. Do you need to keep the .dmg file? Is there a default place to put them?
I remember something about ALIASs, put an alias on the desktop is the same as ‘shortcut’ in Windows right?
What’s all the other icons that pop onto the desktop when you start something for?

DMG is a disk image file.  Think of it as a disk.  You’re over-thinking things.

You double click it, it’s like inserting a disk.  Copy whatever’s inside that disk into your applications folder (just drag it over to install).  Then you can trash the DMG file and “eject” the disk.

Don’t do aliases, use quicksilver.  Seriously, no need.  Set it to apple-space and you’re ready to go.

The default place for applications is a folder called “Applications”.  The easiest way to drag something in there is to click, hold, and don’t let go, drag on top of the hard drive, still don’t let go, and it will open.  Then drag on top of applications folder.  This is called “spring-loaded folders” they just open when you hover for a bit while dragging.

So, here’s how you install MSN:  download the disk image file.  Open it, it’s like inserting a disk.  Open the disk and drag the MSN Messenger file to the hard drive (don’t let go of the button and the hard drive will open after a second).  Then drag it to applications. 

Or you can do it the Windows way and open the folder you want to drag to first.

Quicksilver is here:

Disable the spotlight keys and replace with quicksilver.  I use apple-space.