Don't install sp3 for xp

microcrap is having major problems with sp3 on oem hp pcs and some amd pc’s. continuous reboots with no chance of recovery,only a reinstall will fix the problem, be careful out there. … ,5334.html

that sucks, I’m not having any problems with my installation of sp3 though! :smiley:

already slipstreamed it into my windows install disc! :smiley:

I think I may just wait a bit for SP3.
Kind of like I’m waiting for them to fix Vista. :unamused:

Install the goddam thing and quit whining. If you’ve come to expect problems with updates and and OSs then WTF are you pissing about with windows for? Get a fucking Mac and get a life.
It works fine in my HP AMD laptop and I installed it 3 weeks ago. It’s installed in every single system that’s updated Windows on the service desk in the last week too, and I noticed just ONE that seemed slightly slower.
God I hate this dogma around Windows. It’s just another OS.

IMHO HP is shit. I’m not surprised by the report at all.

What’s wrong with Vista?  I have had no problems with it so far.  SP1 even fixed the framerates in games.

Nope, don’t want it.
Too much needless crap on that OS.


Oh just leave me be, I’m entitled to an opinion.

Just because it doesn’t agree with yours doesn’t mean I can’t have it.

sorry bout this .I didn’t mean to start anything, I  just thought this is some info people should hear about, the potential problem that is.

No need to apologize. :smile:
You have provided useful information with your post.  Some readers here might google their hardware and see if there are reported issues with sp3 as a result of your tip.  I’ve also read that some HP units are having issues with sp3.

You gave your opinion but provided nothing to back it up.  Vista runs much better with SP1.  I have had 0 problems so far.

I have a dual core proc and 2 gigs of ram and 256 meg video card, I just finished installing vista with  SP1 and ran it for a day then went back to XP as vista  is a fucking recourse PIG…

end of story…

Muhahaha! Herbie, anger control issues? LOL!  Its always been trendy to bash windoze and most likely always will be, let them install an old version of  bsd, like 4.0 or something hehe, and they think they have troubles now. they dont remember winblows 3.1, 95 or 98 where a lock up and reboot was an hourly procedure, thats if it made it that long. also buying a mac doesnt end the troubles.
    I have worked on many many fuked up macs, sure it dosnt fuck up as much as windows because you cant do fuck all with the pieces of shit, they are like having a second car that never breaks down BUT nobody drives it cause its too gutless so it just sits in the driveway, sure its reliable, thats because its useless and nobody drives it anywhere. If macs are as great as advertised why are they not the the most popular machines, why do 9 out of 10 mac owners buy a doze box next, not another mac? Whats that, no decent software ported for them, ohh too fucking bad for you eh, why dont you port it yourself by then you will have enough skills to keep your winblows box running.
    Believe it or not computers today arnt doing much different work than they were twenty years ago as far as real work goes, its just now you all have this winblows that you all bitch about that allows you to get all kinds of work done without having to have a clue about how the computer works, nobody wanted to dive in in the command line days cause you actually had to learn how the damn thing worked to use it, now you dont the point and click made it possible to be completely ignorant and get work done BUT once it goes for a shit you are clueless as to whats wrong and scream profanities at billy gates, well he’s the only reason you even have a fucking pc to bitch about, microsloth played a huge role in the evolution of cheap affordable computers that a clueless idiot can use, apple’s refusal to allow third party software to be licensed was a huge mistake they have never recovered from IMO, had they done that 25 years ago they might have been a real viable alternative and probably a better one but they didnt and the result has been grossly overpriced machines that are crippled by lack of choice of software, they are now tring to change that but its too little too late and even the best of tv adds doesnt change that why doesnt microsoft counter the pc bashing adds, because they dont need to the market speaks for itself.

Same and still 0 problems.