Don't Ever

…load up the work truck in a big hurry and race up a mountain-top in an old beater with only a 2.8L engine trying to fix something.
Or else you too may discover 3/4 of the way up you forgot the keys to the shed, 1/2 mile from the top that that isn’t steam from under the hood, the damned engine’s on fire, and when you walk the last 1/2 mile you forgot to program the MAC into the access points so you can’t do fuck all when you get there.
At least I remembered the cell phone (which only works on the very top) and managed to round up a rescue ride before it died too! So we hoofed it back to the truck (we put out the fire, but clutch was all melted, ignition wires burnt) and shoved it onto a pullout and hiked down in 34 degree heat.
Me, in size 14 shoes cuz I’m having a gout attack and can’t put on a shoe my toe hurts, trying to walk down a steep loose gravel road packing a brand new laptop and 2 bottles of water. 1 to pour over my head, because Keegan took his shirt off and wore it as a turban and sunburnt in 1/2 an hour.
Tomorrow we have to go back and recover the toolkits and I’m gonna shove that truck in neutral and kamikaze it as far down the mountain as I can get it. Everyone else wants me to take the plates  off and push it off the cliff…
<Now I am actually worried. Those beetle killed trees are soooo dead and sooo dry, I’m worried anything we put up there will be toast with the 1st lightning strike! :?>

dont you just love days like that? lol . i got a call from our secretary, our server went down yesterday during a power outage and didnt come back up, so i gotta get on a damn sea plane in morning and see what that’s all about. what mountain are you talking about? for some reason from your description im picturing the road up to forbidden plateau, its a damn steep road, hard on any truck but sure beautiful scenery. its damn hot here too, my house is an obviously poorly insulated small wartime, digital thermometer says 86.4F inside with all the windows and doors open, my pup thinks she’s inside an oven hehe, not a good day for having black fur.  well good luck with yer gear, you should think about picking up a el-cheapo used lappy and keep it in yer shed so’s you can program your wireless trancievers right there. i forget shit at home all the time too, fuck’s me up constantly. anytime a guy has to travel a distance just to get to work it sucks, and i have been talked into going dragging again.  i must be retarded or insane, probably a little of both.

We have a POP on Murray Ridge in Fort St James, the adjacent hill is the town’s ski hill. We’ve got a 5GHz transmitter acting up that’s the main link to our server bank, 3 2.4 APs that serve the rural areas. This year the access road is so chewed up, there’s not much cover left over bare rock.
2200m climb in a little over 10 kms, it’s steep.
Poor little S10 just couldn’t do it… it was my fault trying to push it that last klick…
kinda hooped now, I needed that truck for more offroad work this summer, can’t afford another.

Yeah, we all have stories like that.  Mine involved driving a friend to her new place in a city I’d never been to before, lunch at an Indian restaurant, a light wallet, and an undercharged cell phone battery.

It all started when I met a couple of friends for lunch at an Indian restaurant, and it was my turn to pony up for the bill.  I remember it being only about 2500 yen (about $25) for the three of us, which I thought was really cheap.  As it turns out, it was too cheap.

After lunch, I had promised my friend I’d drive her to her new apartment.  It was in a city in a neighbouring prefecture, and on the opposite end of it at that.  I’d looked up the city on Google Maps and managed to figure out the route there.

About 10 minutes into the drive, I remarked to my friend that the lunch was strangely cheap.  She told me that it had to have been more than 2500 yen.  So I took the receipt out of my wallet and, sure enough, they had entered in only 500 yen for two dishes that were 1500 yen.

Anyway, I got my friend to her place without any trouble, but on the way back I accidentally got on the expressway going the wrong way.  When I got off the highway, I tried asking the guy in the toll booth how to get back, but he was absolutely no help.  So I wound up taking regular roads home.

Time to get to my friend’s place: about an hour and a half.  Time to get home: three and a half hours.

When I finally got home, I decided to be a good citizen and pay the Indian restaurant what I owed them.  But when I got there, I couldn’t find the receipt.  I figured I must have left it in the car, but when I went to check it wasn’t there.  Then I remembered it was in my wallet, and when I checked, sure enough, it was still there.  I got out and closed the door.


I’d locked my keys in my car.

Worse still, it was 9 at night.  I tried walking to three different gas stations (which takes an hour in itself), and they all said the same thing: there’s a new law forbidding gas stations from unlocking car doors, and I’d have to call an all-night locksmith.  They gave me a phone book, found an all-night locksmith and called.  They said it would cost me 12-15,000 yen.  I looked in my wallet.


I only saw two 5000 yen and one 1000 yen bill.  I hung up the phone and started to consider other options.  But when I looked in my wallet again, I saw that I actually had a 10,000 yen bill as well as a 5000 and a 1000.

So I decided to call back and try and get them to come out.  I hit redial and started to talk.


My phone battery died. 

I was starting to panic–I had no cellphone, which meant I couldn’t call my friends and ask them for help because their numbers were all in my phone’s memory.  So I went to a payphone, looked up the locksmith in the phone book and called them again.  But lo and behold, all their locksmiths were out on other jobs.

I then decided to try another locksmith.  Fortunately, this time he was available, and could come in about half an hour.  What was better, he was willing to to the job for only 8000 yen.

Thank God!

But for all I tried to do, from helping my friend to paying what I owed a restaurant, it’s as if someone was trying to make things hard for me.  The moral of the story is this: no good deed ever goes unpunished.

Gotta relay the tale from the kid who used to work for me, he moved to Calgary last June.
He has an SHO Mustang, and was racing his brother up and down residential streets in Calgary. A female cop pulls him over and launches a tirade thru the window.
Johnny waits til she’s done, puts on his most helpless face (tears and all)… i just GOT to Calgary, all I was doing was trying to follow my brother home! Now I’m totally lost! I have no idea where I am!
She writes out 3 tickets and gets him to follow her, leads him to his brother’s house (where Johnny’s been living for 7 weeks haha).
Next day he goes to the copshop to see how to fight or appeal the tickets, and the desk sargeant looks at them, looks at Johhny’s licence and rips them all up.
He rattled the officer enough that she marked “adult driver” instead of “minor” on the tickets.
It was his 18th birthday the day he went to the cop shop.
Squeaked out of them by less than ONE day.