[quote=“Wild Gotham”]Recently, there have been some very very aweful messages being posted on the website under a group called Prince Rupert.

That’s nice. If you have a problem with the hi5 site, then take your complaint there, please.

But feel free to whine about it here, you bunch of whining whiners.

Yes, there was a nasty post by a 16 year old girl in the Prince Rupert!!! “group” and it was openly discussed OVER AND OVER AND OVER again to the point that it’s pretty much meaningless now. The girl admitted that she and a few friends did it for shits and giggles, and apologised for all the problems. Now there are idiots out there who haven’t read all the posts who think the person is serious, and with that, causing more problems than need be, and actually threatening to kill the girl and her friends because of it.

I recieved 12 hi5 messages about this “Tegan” person over the weekend, all telling me how racist and wrong about Prince Rupert she was in her post. At first, it made me pretty mad to think that someone could be spouting off hate like that, especially about people who I’m the best of friends with. But now, she’s apologised, and although I know what she said wasn’t right, and it angered a hell of a lot of people, it’s also not worth the death threats she’s been recieving.

Ok, that is pretty ridicilous that someone would threaten to kill this girl and her friends for something they said, and also when they apologized for it. But it was also stupid for them to think that such a serious issue would ever be for shits and giggles; especially on hi5, where thousands of people are able to see this…yikes. So, everyone should get over it, and stop the stupid killing threats. It upsets me hearing something like that since there is enough shit going on in the world, and enough people getting killed over nothing…grrr. Get over it, there are smarter things in life to be concerned about.

Yes, like this truck… hmmm van… uh what is it?

I saw that thing downtown today, and I was like,

How about this one:

DUDE! That’s SWEET! If I had a bazillion dollars and my licence I’d feel like Large Marge in one of those!

get the one with the caterpillar engine in it… shwooot.

Wow…it’s beautiful.

Gayzor Mountains seems like a happy place.



Nice one t-bone… haha that was awesome

I think that William Robert drives one of those.