Donnybrook in Kitimat -- Hey, I told him to stay away from my horses

Feuding Kitimat families injured in sword fight

Ah come on, where’s the youtube video?

Star crossed lovers?

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The police call it a donnybrook, which is hilarious.

Does the Jerry Springer show have an “On The Road” feature?

Hilarious!  :smiley:

Wow, this even made the Globe and Mail

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Is there a Canuck word equivalent to “redneck”??


I know a few friends from Kitimat, I will call and see if I can get the full story. Does anybody know the names of these people?

From The Province:

[quote]Sword fight leads to charges against 3 people

John Colebourn
The Province

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters pitched into a donnybrook at a multi-family complex when two rival families dropped the gloves.

At the peak of the battle, one man wielding a sword was cracked in the back of the head with a fence post.

“When he smoked me in the back of the head with the four-by four, I dropped the sword,” said Monte Lupien, 55. He and two other people, a 39-year-old woman and a 19-year-old man, are charged with assault with a weapon.

Lupien said Friday’s mayhem on Wedeene Street in Kitimat began after his girlfriend’s teenage daughter got into a fight with another teen.

Lupien said when things got tense, the mother of the other girl came at him swinging a big belt, and in the chaos the windows of his home and the windshield of his 1968 Mustang were smashed.

“I had to stop them,” said Lupien.

He said he recalls holding the sword up to stop the woman swinging the belt and while doing that he was hit on the head by the man with the fence post.

At that point, he said, a woman picked up the sword and charged at him. “She came at me with my sword,” he said. “I got stabbed in the arm.” RCMP said that when they arrived, two people were bleeding badly from sword wounds.

The fight didn’t end at the housing complex, with further pushing and shoving at the hospital between the rivals.

Chris Holahan was busy getting his vehicle ready for a vacation when the fight broke out.

“There was a lot of people involved,” he said.

"The police closed the road off and took people away in cuffs.

“This complex has a mixture of families and retirees – it is normally quiet around here.” Lupien is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 2. [/quote]

Am I the only one that instantly thought the Lafferty’s were involved in this? 

Also, I got here by way of Facebook.  There was a link to the “Sword Fight In Kitimat” on the left hand side of the page… I figured it would have brought me to bclocalnews or something… but HTMF… score!!

The Lafferty’s don’t need weapons.  They just crush with their bare hands.  Mind you, most people would need a sword to keep from being killed if they were to tussle with Chris.  He’s a big boy.

My 5 ft 5 friend stood up to 2 of them one year at a ball tournament when they were being drunken idiots and beating up vehicles.  It turns out she wasn’t too impressed with the fist marks on her brand new truck, and yelled at them both to go beat up their own vehicles. 

As it turns out, that’s what they did.  One of their own cars got beat to shit instead of everyone else’s, but not before thousands of dollars damage was done to five other vehicles.

That was a legendary weekend in Telkwa :wink:

Doesn’t surprise me a bit.  For a big guy Chris never held his booze well

I actually had to look up the word Donnybrook, thanks word-a-day website!

merle and monty wilson were the known drug traffickers and i’m not sure the name of the other girls mom but one of the people on the other side was gary wilson, pretty much all wilson’s execpt for monty don’t know his last name, and the son that joined in was bernie wilson with merle

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Welcome to HTMF, phatboy5.

didn’t know that but thanks, funny even their dogs got involved :laughing: