Donald Trump guilty on all counts in historic criminal trial

Guilty on all 34 felony counts.

Donald Trump guilty on all counts in historic criminal trial

Beware! If it happened to The Donald, it could happen to anyone who breaks the law 34 times!

I’m really curious to see what happens on July 11! Will he get jail time?!

if he does get jail time I wouldn’t doubt it would be suspended pending the appeal

The moron continues to taunt the Judge and show his utter contempt of the courts. I hope he gets thirty four consecutive sentences of four years.
We know the compulsive liar did not take the stand in his own defence because he simply cannot not lie, and there would be consequences for lying under oath.

I would love to see him get 34 consecutive sentences. My prediction is less than four years. It does not bode well for TheDonald that he shows utter contempt for the legal process and zero remorse.

I find it unbelievable as a Canadian that when half the voting public thinks he should withdraw himself from the race, his party still supports him as their candidate.
In normal countries, the party would rapidly remove a leader so scandalous. Look at the UK tossing out PMs, none ever doing anything actually criminal.

Yes it really is hard to understand! How is he still a candidate? How is the SOB still walking around free?
He ordered his goons to storm the capital over three years ago. Quite a few Americans are nuts.

Ten times he violated his gag order. Ten times! Anyone else at all would’ve been locked up the second time for Contempt of Court. Yet he to this day belittles the Judge the attorneys, the witnesses.
And claims he was treated unfairly.
Worse, tens of millions believe the lying fraudulent rapist.

TheDonald’s word salad campaign stops are epic. I suspect he’s fearful of a prison sentence on July 11, 2024.