Dog question

So, I’ll make a long story short, went on vacation, lady gave me a toy pomeranian, super mellow, loves kids and cats, snuggly and pretty much perfect, the dog was originally going to be for breeding so its not fixed, making him almost perfect  :smiley:

I don’t intend to breed him, so I’m thinking of getting him fixed.

I’m concerned that if I have him fixed, his temperment will change. Poms are generally pretty fickle, and I dont want to ruin my dog! He’s almost a year old…so do I fix him, or leave him? 

Yes, definitely neuter him. There are too many dogs being put down in shelters so unless you are showing the dog and breeding him you will do you, him and everyone else a favor to fix him.
It will not ruin anything at all.
I have been involved in dogs for over 35 years and I can assure you.
Best of luck with your new pup!

Basically you’re saying that if a dog isn’t fixed, and they’re of the male variety, that they’re going to get another dog pregnant?? Wow.

Funny, I’ve had two unfixed purebred dogs in my 23 years on this planet and neither of them managed to get any other dog pregnant. If you take care of your dogs, and are attentive, there’s nothing wrong with having an un neutered male. it’s not the dog, it’s the owner you have to worry about.

That being said, there’s also nothing wrong with having a neutered one either. Neutering a male dog, usually makes his temperment better. I can’t see it doing any harm unless the dog is of older age, then it’s kind of unwise. Unless absolutely necessary.

They also have done studies that As a male dog gets older Even IF he is a very calm dog, He Could get a streak of Territorial aggression. and it is not to cool I know for me I have all my dogs Neutered and they are Calm, Collective sensible dogs. (thank god),My friend had an neutered male and at age 4 he went from her “perfect pup” to the biggest terror in less then 2 months. that was 2 yrs ago and she had gotten him neutered, but she is still taking him to dog classes to break the “bad” in him. :frowning: It is 1000% Better to actually get your male fixed. :smile: save the hassle of him “marking” his territory. Good luck on the decision.

Lol Maybe it’s the breeds I’ve had, because I’ve never had any agression problems with my un neutered males. Little dogs tend to be more agressive, mainly because they’re treated as lap dogs, like people. They’re made to be the top dog typically. Treat him like a dog, and you shouldn’t have problems with him.  :wink:

it is true, It is a Very “Personal” choice. Being a small dog who knowes. You cant predict a dogs Position as a Younger dog. and as for the whole Pregnancy thing. it is call a responsible owner. :smile: My oma has a purebred female dog, and she is now 5 ( i believe) and has never had a litter. She had a dog for 21 years. Never Fixed, Never had pups.

I know for me. I have having no problem. and Have never had a problem. I got a pup from the SPCA at 6 months, And she was VERY aggressive, She has settled but is my only experience with badly aggressive dog in my house.  :unamused: but like I would say, Personal Preference

Isn’t it also a health issue.  I think unneutered dogs are more prone to various diseases and infections.  And Bubbasteve, how would you know if your males impregnated a female or not?  Doesn’t take much for them to get out, do their thing and that’s that. It is their natural instinct after all.

Yes and no - they can be more prone to things like testicular cancer or prostate cancer, but that’s not a definite thing.  I recently dog-sat for a friend - a male shih-tzu type of dog that was intact.  He marked EVERYWHERE.  Carpet, couch, blankets, etc.  His tendency to mark was probably exacerbated by the fact that I have two small male dogs as well (both are fixed), but still - yet another downside to not neutering. 

If you are concerned about how he will look, check this out:  :astonished:

I’ve have a husky/collie cross who now has a serious over heating problem when we go for our walks. I try to keep her hydrated as much as possible but I think she is in desperate need of a hair cut. Can anyone recommend someone to take this task on cause I probably wouldn’t do her justice. Also would like to know what I’m looking at for fees. Ya, she was fixed at 6 months and no problems.    

Generally neutering will make the dog more docile. If its a year old already and you’re happy with its temperament then there is no need to neuter unless you’re bringing in a female dog. My dog isn’t neutered and he wont be getting neutered even though he’s a mutt.

He does start to foam at the mouth near bitches in heat but I keep him on a leash so no problem.

Because unlike most people… my family takes responsibility for our pets. he’s leashed at all times and has never, ever ran away. I’ve had this argument with several people who tell me that I HAVE to get my animals neutered. It’s just silly. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your male dog intact. But you’ve got to be a responsible pet owner to do so.

a unspayed female dog is known as a full female there the ones to be neutered unless the owner takes responsibility and wants to breed her itactually costs more to kennel a full female ,  most people get male dogs so that they dont have to neuter them  because it is quite expensive .

Thanks for the input!!

jills dog grooming is awesome!!!

Cant remember price though…50 bucks maybe?..not sure…

Checked the listing in the phone book, dialed the #, says the numbers not in service. Anyone have a contact #?

Sorry, anyone have a contact number for “Jills Dog Grooming”?

Like a previous poster said; I would get the dog neutered simply due to the “marking” that un-neutered dogs do.  I had a pom for a few days (sort of dog-sat it… long story) and it marked EVERYWHERE…

And also… (this is super immature) poms have HUGE genitalia for their size, and seriously, it’s NASTY to look at!!

Sorry, I don’t have Jill’s number right now, but I know she always runs an ad in the back of the Daily News, in the classifieds, so have a look there.  If I get a chance to look in a paper soon, I’ll post the number on here.

Yeah, some un neutered dogs to mark in houses. Which sucks. Mine does sometimes when he’s in other peoples houses, which is rather embarassing to say the least LOL. But really, so far for us, it’s the only downside. And he isn’t regularly in other peoples houses.