Dog Missing

My small pomeranian is missing from the Omenica area.  He has been missing since Friday, December 29th at about 11:30pm.  He is a neutered male, orange in colour and was wearing a blue sweater.  Please let me know if you’ve seen him.  Thanks!

Hi lalaland, I am sorry about your missing pup-have you called the SPCA to check if he has been picked up or even the vets? If you call the shelter, try between 1:30 and 2pm and if they do not answer leave a message as they may be busy in other areas and unable to get to the phone.Post a pic in Safeway and other places also as you never know…Good Luck…

Perhaps he’d not be missing if he didn’t have to wear the sweater?

He finally made it home… at all hours of the morning… at least his sweater kept him warm while he was away.

:smiley: Im glad to here you got your baby back guys, I know how much your dogs mean to you… :smile:

Great news.  I had pets when I was a kid, I know how important they are. :smiley:

:smiley:Great News!@!@@ I know what it is like to lose a pet so give  him a good scolding, smother him in kisses and threaten him with matching booties to go with that sweater if he feels the urge to go wandering again@!@!@! That oughta keep him at home@!!@@!