Dog behaviour

POP…has had her minute of fame over this one.
Lots of great posts and discussion.  LET GO…

You are entitled to your opinion.  :smile:
The people who are discussing dog behaviour are similarly entitled to expressing their point of view.

I wonder if these “pit bulls” were puppies or full grown dogs. It bears relevance on the conversation. It is in a puppy’s nature to chase after pant legs and chew things. If a full grown pit bull “attacked” a person’s leg that person very well could be limping away missing a chunk of their leg. It is hard to believe that anyone could walk away from a pit bull “attack” without having to be taken to the nearest ER for a few stitches.


The dog that attacked me is a year and a half old.

The RCMP called the Animal by-law officers.  They are the ones who are dealing with the issue.