Dog behaviour

The problem with banning “pit bulls” is that it’s really hard to even identify a real pit bull.

There are many breeds that look like pit bulls, and a lot of mutts get mistaken for pit bulls. 

Check out this site:

Try to find the pit bull on that site.  I bet you won’t get it on your first try!

 i have had a pitbull run down the street barking and growling at me looking like it was going to bite, the owner was yelling “its friendly”, and i said that i don’t like off leash dogs, and her response was “grow the fuck up!”.
when i spoke to the bylaw officer they knew who the person was and that they have spoken to that person before, and that i would have to take them to court to deal with this issue.
to many people think that their dogs are safe, i thought that there was a bylaw that states all dogs must be on leash, and large bread dogs must be leashed and muzzled when out in public,  
i have bean bitten a few times by dogs of all sizes, yes little dogs tend to be a bit more aggressive but cause way less damage then a big dog.
owners of dogs must understand that not all people feel safe around their dogs or have fears of dogs in general friendly or not.  its not up to the dog owner to tell me how i should feel around their dog.

ps i love all animals, and i walk dogs for the spca but a healthy fear of off leash dogs has kept me bite free for 9 years (2 dogs ran up to me and tried to bite my son, protecting him i received a bite, which left a large bruise and a very scared child)

Obviously I don’t know all the intricacies, but many States in the US, Ontario here in Canada–and many more places (don’t know all the specific areas) have had a ban on Pit Bulls for a very long time… so it must not be overly difficult.

Although I do believe some dogs are naturally more agressive than others (like the Pitbull), I also think it has a lot to do with the owners. A bad owner will produce a bad dog- that is my motto.

One thing I really wish this city would get involved in is a dog park. I walk my small dog around the city and one thing that drives me nuts is when small children will run up to me and start petting the dog (sometimes without even asking!!). I know I take responsibility when taking the dog out of my house, but I also think it is a parents duty (especially in the society we live in today) to inform their kids that it is not okay to run up to strangers and start petting their dogs. Numerous times I have had to say “no”, mainly because if something were to happen I do not want to be sued. Mind you, my dog is 8 years old and has never bitten anyone. She is a loving, friendly, and social dog, but I do not want to take that risk-risk with children-risk of being sued-risk of having my dog be put down.
It would be nice to have a park where dog owners and parents both know there will be dogs present.

Yea rosebud, I agree completely.

Pitbulls have the potential to be loving, caring, awesome dogs–just like any other dog. If trained well, they’ll offer the same companionship as any other breed, and be just as safe.

The issue, though, is the huge danger potential for the times when the above situation isn’t the case. Compared to other dogs trained badly, Pitbulls have more potential to mangle and maim, because at the end of the day it’s what they were bred to do.

Thanks to the wonderful City Council’s awesome foresight with their pet bylaw, pitbull owners are less likely to register their dogs.  And people who would never register their dogs are even less likely to do so now.

Awesome!  High-5!  We have a problem with people not registering their pets?  Let’s make those who do register their pets pay more!  That will fix the problem! 

The two pitbulls I know personally are great dogs, very friendly and full of drool.

What bylaw is this? You mention it a lot, but I don’t know what it is… what’s the prob, Bob?

Well, that’s the gist of it.

Increase pet fees to make up for those who don’t register their pets.

Like saying we have speeders in this town, and we can’t catch them, so let’s punish everyone who drives the speed limit instead.

That’s City Council’s way of dealing with dangerous dogs – making responsible pet owners who don’t have dangerous dogs pay more money.

Discussed way back: … 368.0.html

Was that the stated purpose of the bylaw? Seems like an error in logic to me.

Going back to the OP, well trained dogs–regardless of breed–will never attack, because they know that people… all people… are the boss, and the dog isn’t.

Was that the stated purpose of the bylaw? Seems like an error in logic to me.[/quote]

The stated purpose of the bylaw was indeed an error in logic.  Nevertheless, it passed.  Which tells you just how much thought City Council put into it.

The bottom line is that legitimate, responsible pet owners now pay more fees.  Irresponsible pet owners now have an even bigger disincentive to register their pets.

An error in logic indeed.

Fair enough–but I don’t see how a bigger fee makes up for people who don’t pay… ideally everyone should pay. Was the specific purpose of the bylaw to cover those who refused to pay?

On the flip side, I wonder how many people who refuse(d) to follow this bylaw have been issued a ticket “not exceeding $10,000 and not less than $1,000.” That might hammer it home. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree as well.  I just wouldn’t have called the RCMP at this point.

Talk to the owner and warn them that they could have their dog taken away or destroyed if they don’t contain it in their home when the door is open.  The RCMP do not have to be included in every mishap that occurs in the civilized world.

Idiots?  I thought you were my friend? :smiley:

The owner didnt claim that they were well trained.  They were secured inside the residence until the door was opened.  Sure it’s their fault for the dogs getting out but it was due to an uninvited guest causing them to open the door.  This is my last post on the subject and I stand by my points.

baning the pitbulls in town would be by far the stupidest thing ever. and big giant waste of council time.  after all they wasted time putting through the breed restrictions part of the new by law and they came up with no way of enforcing it!!!  everyday there are pet owners walking their pitbulls around without muzzles…is there a set fine for this NO!!! walk your pitbull around town all you want without a muzzle there is no fine.  (call the city and ask them how much will i be fined if i am caught) and if they can give you a price its bogus!  fines for everything are in writing in the by laws!  there is nothing written on what you will be charged if you do not have the 6 ft fence or the beware of dog sign.
i also clearly remember the meeting at the civic center a while back where the spca stated that the dogs that they have come across that are most likely to injure someone are small dogs and husky’s.  so should we ban them too?  bottom line is no breed is safer than the other. they are dogs! and it should all fall on the owners.  we can’t start baning every breed.  
on another note i think i have put it together which house pop was at and if it is the same house i have seen the SPCA there in the past on more than one occassion so clearly there is something going on with this house

It’s either their fault or it is not, Paper. You can’t say “Sure it’s their fault” and then blame the ‘uninvited’ guest. What happens if the uninvited guest is a Girl Guide selling cookies? What if she’s killed? Then again, she’s uninvited–who does she think she is??? Knocking on a door without permission–what an intrusive little fool!

OK, you lured me back in.

Every situation has it’s own set of circumstances.  In this case, the owners should obviously had control of their dog.  I’m not arguing that point, I agree with that.  My point is that I personally do not feel that the RCMP needed to be involved. 

For example, in a house I rented a couple of years ago there was a group renting the neighbouring house that used to throw a party every now and again.  The first time it happened I went next door and asked them if they could keep it down.  No problem.  The next time I tried that method again.  When that didn’t help to fix the problem I then called the RCMP.  It isnt hard to be a good neighbour nor is it difficult to give people a chance to correct the problems they pose before involving law enforcement.  It just takes a little understanding and patience.

As for the girl guides, if they were attacked that would be horrendous.  That happening to anyone would be.  Given the circumstances in this situation though involving the RCMP isnt going to fix anything.  It creates mistrust between residents and it makes me not want to open my door.  It also makes me want to put a “Keep Out- Private Property” sign up.  I don’t want to be at the mercy of someone who thinks its appropriate to knock on my door unannounced.

Now I am officially done with this topic. 

your pet, your responsibility… PERIOD…

The RCMP had to be called regarding the BIKE.  Animal by-law officers were called regarding the DOG.  The RCMP are doing nothing regarding the DOG.  READ DAMMIT!

You’re talking about dogs. I think the internet has heard enough heated jabber about dogs for a while.

Getting way too into it.