Does the Daily News ask for photo ID from their "sources"?

From Friday’s Daily News story on the Epicurean Fire:

“A passerby, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, said that at 11:30 a.m. the previous evening, he passed by the building and believed he heard a party taking place. And when he passed by again, leaving a local establishment, Seagull said that’s when he saw the fire. The overhang in an alley just off Seventh St. was badly crumpled.”

So did Mr. Seagull offer up a driver’s Licence, or pilots licence  perhaps, as he provided his analysis of the morning’s events?

The full article can be found with some of the other local media’s coverage on the blog. … cycle.html

LOL Everyone know’s who he is… Why’s he need a photo ID?

Thats is name.  Legally.
Not at birth mind you.  He runs 627-SIGN…

LOL unbelievable, oh well takes all kinds.

Imagine if the story goes on the national wires that Mr. Baker will receive more than a few “uh did you know” calls then…

Strange little town ya’ll call home

  I vaguely remember reading a small novel called Jonathan Livingston Seagull in grade 8
when I learned of his name… it was rather queer to say the least

Yeah that guy is pretty weird

LOL. I thought the same thing, had a little flashback with that name !  And not everyone knows him Bubbasteve so I would guess that they would ask for some ID to verify his credentials  :smiley:  They have put me through hoops at the classified when I have phoned in to have an S.P.C.A. Garage Sale advert. posted and then they forget anyway (twice now!). They wanted to know why I and not the manager was calling as I am only a volunteer, name, number etc.  Well, I guess it doesn’t matter as our manager emailed the last Sat. one and they “forgot” to advertize that also  :imp:  We will be having one again this Sat. BTW  :smiley:

I bet he did offer up a tinfoil hat.

I had no problem when I saw Mr. Seagull’s name.

The guy I want to know more about is William Perry of Victoria.  He has a letter to our paper at least once a week.  Back in Jan or Feb he was in four days in a row and seven in a two week period.

Piecing together some of his information, I think he is a recently retired cop with prostate cancer.  (He is not William “Refrigerator” Perry of the Bears)  He may or may not be touring the province by bike with his kids.  I don’t think he will signing the HST petition.  I think he realizes that his generation has not done everything it could have to make the world better.  I think he feels his letters to however many papers will print them are his contribution to correcting the world’s ills.

I just googled his name and he appears in the letters to the Times Colonist.

I wouldn’t be surprised that if we did a count of the letters to the editor since Jan 1 if he had more letters printed than the rest of our town combined.

I guess we are too busy conversing on HTMF.

Jonathan was obviously known well enough to the reporter in question that they considered him a credible witness, as would I, having known him most of my life. It’s a good thing that “it takes all kinds”. As for being a little weird, he is an artist after all, which makes him pretty ‘normal’ in my books, actually a very smart and creative guy, and a long established businessman from a well known local family. As for William Perry, he probably spams all the small local papers with his submissions in the hopes of having his opinions printed, once he realizes how few people actually read the daily snooze, we will will most likely see him posting here very soon.   

I always look forward to his letters. A bit of fresh air.

As well known as he may be here in town (though I guess not well know to everyone me included), I’m thinking and the point of my post was, that if the story is forwarded to other news services beyond our castle walls, that more than a few folks are going to raise an eyebrow and I imagine have a chuckle over the quote, which may or may not impact on its credibility, that was all I was heading for on the comment.

Yeah, a friend of mine from back east commented on it and asked if Oscar the Grouch lived here too and I replied indeed he did.  He is our Mayor  :smiley:

Way to keep Baker on his toes. I’m sure the moron appreciates the advice.

Aha, I wasn’t thinking about that aspect of the article, and Jonathan, aside from his deeply held philosophical beliefs must have realized his name change would result in a raised ebrow, and a chuckle or two, maybe that was what he was going for?

And I think I was the ‘moron’ he was making reference to perhaps? (not Baker) And yes, I do appreciate the advice. LOL