Does Cold Weather Cause Colds, #)$*)#($* NO!

Folklore and worried mothers have for centuries assured us that playing outside with damp hair and summer shorts will surely be the end of us. Sorry, Mom, science said I could. There is no conclusive evidence that cold temperature increases our chances of catching one of the 200-plus viruses that cause the infection. Imagine the chicken soup sales in Greenland if it did.

Colds spread when you blow, wipe or sneeze the virus from your nose to another [Tip: Wash your hands!]. Although a weakened immune system will increase the virus’s chance of survival, temperature doesn’t affect immune system strength. The common cold is commonest in winter because the harsh weather prompts people to stay indoors, where ventilation is restricted and proximity to infected friends and family members is increased.

Yeah, Mom. And the fact that people from colder climates have longer life expectancy has nothing to do with being eaten by tigers.

Could you at least put the url where you found your text?  The level of language is well above anything you’ve written in these pages so I had to check if you stole it from someone else.  Sure enough, you did!  It was so easy to find: