Does Anyone know

Does anyone know what there doing about the old Park Ave Corner Store?
Always see ppl drive by and throw their trash there

I believe its going to be the new office location for the Liberals.


Seriously, I have no clue, its been vacant for so long.

i dont know but i want some of those fresh baked pretzels mmmm lol

where was that store? next to the old video store?

That ol gas station.  I believe it was called Shell, then Fast Gas.

It’s across from the Anchor Inn and yeah, the pretzels were great  !! And the pepperoni and cheese stuffed bread sticks…Ymmmmm… :smiley:

At one time there was talk of turning that lot into a drive thru coffee shop, but who knows if its still even for sale anymore

The Gas station is now own by the family who own and run Eddie’s news they are a very good and nice family, but I believe they are just sitting on it for now. Same gas station which Tony Brig was involved with years ago. I just know it got nasty for awhile.

Thanks for clearing that up Justin Case.  I was just gonna say that it might be owned by the same owner as Audio Vision.   :sunglasses:

If what I was told is true it was going to be called the pump and Grind.  There was a web site at one point I think.

sounds kinky lol. woulda been some good merchandising oppurtunities lol