Dodge Neon suck!

Dodge neon sucks, every time I fix it something else goes wrong with it! its a big waste of money!.. I’m going away in the couple weeks and I’m hesitant to take this car. Has anyone else had any major problems with this car?

Park it on your lawn.

Wasn’t someone looking for a free car?

Neon…always had problems with them fish    :smiley: :smiley:

What sort of things are breaking on it? Starters, alternators, pumps, etc should be really cheap and easy to get. Not to be a jerk, but a Neon is upon the cheapest of domestic cars. I have never understood why anyone would buy one over a similar priced Honda, Mazda, Toyota or VW, any of which would retain their value a lot better and probably prove to be a lot more reliable.

I heard they called them Neon, because no matter where you sit, your knee is on something. 

no mig that was your red jeep
no knee space at all in that

you had a neon once?

had a Neon before the Jeep, but didn’t have knees problem because I’m short.

Paint it yellow, then you can say “it’s a lemon.”