Do you agree with mr.beaver?


Well do you ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe So

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Hell yeah!!



$5 says djtux is a virgin!


ill raise ya 50 bucks :laughing:


now all of a sudden we’re in the neighbourhood where Eso’s thinking it might be worth it to pop tux’s cherry for the coin.


i think 50 cents woulda done it…


We all know that Beavers don’t drink beer… that’s just silly… they drink Scotch :unamused:


how would you know like you have ever seen beaver before :laughing: :unamused:


I’ve seen many beavers before! Even some vaginas. I don’t know which you were reffering to, though?





$5 says djtux is a virgin![/quote]

$10 says half of the people on this site are virgins


more than that.


ha ha ha, but im not, so that leaves me to mock you freely!!

oh to be as cool as I…


mock me? heh :laughing: go for it


i was talking to dj tux,

i feel not the need to mock one who’s already been overmocked by those that i’ve mocked for a while… everything just gets all mocked up, ya grok?


yea people tend not to mock you because its just not right you have to wake up to being you and be made fun of for it :open_mouth: