Do any other Internet provides go down

Do any other Internet provides go down for maintenance. I am on a change over day to night shifts and wanted to play some TF2 and my internet is down. Called Shitywest tech and they said it was down for maintenance. My internet has been the craps since day 2 with Citywest and was wondering if this is just the norm with ISP’s in general. I will give up my no cap DLing for a consist internet connectio. I have had multiple multiple issues over the last few years/months and would love to make a big stink for not getting what I pay for by not paying my bill and post every detail what happens from the fist non payment bill to the time I change ISP’s if avalible here in Rupert.


I agree I think crappy west Internet sucks and to bad , like a lot of things , that there isn’t competition or options in this city .

I can’t think of an ISP or network that doesn’t have occasional problems. Sometimes it’s outside of their control.

My experience with ISPs like Shaw, Telus, Rogers, etc. is that they all aim for 99% uptime. They don’t want to be down either.

We have an ISP that guarantees 99.99% uptime. They start freaking out when we have a power outage, since they’re not sure what’s happening.

And 99.99% uptime costs us about 20 times more than 99% uptime. But that’s the difference between a few hours of downtime per year versus 3-4 days of downtime per year.

So don’t be too hard on Citywest and downtime.

However, it would be interesting to see how their stats outside of Prince Rupert, where they do face competition.

do a speed test to see if it is local or outside of the area, citywest has one on their homepage, I always do a rupert test and a test to terrace, if it looks fine there then go to and check outside of the region, sometimes it is a faulty hop.

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