I was wondering how many people are scuba diving in the Prince Rupert/Kitimat area.

nope i free dive, well not realy but I can hold my breath for 3 min, I would to try scuba but just havent had the opportunity.

there are a few of us here that have all the gear. We just don;t have access to a boat to get to a lot of the prime dive spots

Man I miss diving a lot. I really regret selling off my gear, but I needed the money.


did you dive locally, i always hear about local divers who dive down at the water front and find old china there.

yes there is china down there but most of it has been picked over already but there are still little bits and pieces still. My understanding is that when the steam ships came up the coast  it was cheaper for them to throw the china overboard and get new stuff then it was to wash it.

Sorry to hear that you had to sell your stuff it is so expensive to dive …UBC has a dive club maybe setting something up with northwest community college would be possible…have gear to rent.

How long have you been freediving and where abouts do you go. I have been curious about it for awhile and was wondering if you are self taught or took some training.

I did dive locally but I got into it about a year after my friends did. They (and others) pretty much picked the china clean. I know some people with really nice pieces though. There is probably plenty of china there still but it would be under the sediment. The stuff people were finding was very close to the top.

To expand on what Karma said… the way I heard it wasn’t that it was cheaper to throw it out than to clean it… it was the crew throwing it overboard because it was easier for them rather than clean it.


I have dove around hear lots. If you wanna go for a wicked trip, donate your time for the lingcod egg mass survey. The world wild life fed. put it on every year. Just watch for the add.