Diving wetsuit + more

U.S divers Wet Suit 2 peice: Excellent condition / Blue on Black
Upper half size ML
Lower (chest and legs) M

Dacor (Enduro sj) Tank vest …F/C / Black
SeaQuest BC (older style)…G/C /yellow
Pair or BARE 3 finger diving gloves…G/C / black
$100…email or PM for pic’s

Sizing chart
Women    Height (ft)  Weight (lbs)
Medium      175 5’3’’    141 - 159
Large        180 5’5’’    150 - 176

Men              Height (ft)    Weight (lbs)
Medium          5’7’’ - 6’        159 - 176
Medium Tall      5’10’’ - 6’4’’  163 - 183
Medium Solid    5’5’’-5’9’’      172-194

i wanna get into scuba diving always been interested but im 6 foot 225 lbs doesnt even show on that chart lol. how would i get the right size? lol

Shrink a few inches and shed a few pounds… The suit fit me perfect a few years ago, but it shrunk or i got bigger LOL :smile:
Its in excellent shape! Im talking about the suit :smile: