Disk Checking Utility with Windows XP

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Ok. My computer desperately needs a disk check, and normally Windows will do this for me. Now when I go to schedule one, and it says that it’ll do it on reboot, I go to reboot, and all i get after the little countdown, is “The Disk Detected is not a Windows Disk: Continue Disk Check? (Y/N) N” and then continues loading without checking the disk.

The thing is, its never done this before, disk checking has always worked in the past on this hard disk, and file system. Has anyone else had this problem or have any answers on this? Its starting to tick me off because I also get these folders popping up on my C Drive that are gibberish that I can’t look at or delete. After a couple days they disappear.

(I’m runnin Windows XP Pro, and never had this problem before.)

Go back to Windows 98SE, it’s the best. hahahaha

you running regular or Corporate Ed?

weird things appear and disappear, and you cant access them

id say you have an STD