Disgusting Vindaloo

My turn to cook, had this brilliant idea.
Chopped up a really nice chunk of steak, browned it with mushrooms and tossed in a jar of Pataks Vindaloo. Added some water, it looked way too thick out of the jar.
Separated when cooking… lots of watery stuff on top. I know it’s a Portuguese fusion curry but
I’m the one who eats “Screaming Bejezuz Chicken” when I’m in Chinatown, she’s the one who adds MORE hot sauce.

It tasted a little weird, not at all like the last time I ate vindaloo. The sweat’s running off my brow as I type. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to use the whole fucking jar or something… hope tomorrow morning I don’t have to lift the toilet seat and sit right into that cold water…

Thanks for sharing…

Way too spicy! And this from someone who enjoys Piri Piri Chicken, the other Portuguese-African-Asian fusion :smile:

Notice how red his face is, and he’s dipping it in ketchup! Ferry Street BBQ, Newark a couple of weeks ago.

laugh of the day…thanks herbie…been there many times…

I managed to eat a whole plateful… but I was prepped. For lunch I had a Subway Spicy Italian with jalapeños, banana peppers and chipotle sauce.
Cathy never tried Vindaloo before, I usually order lamb vindaloo and she HATES lamb.
On the other hand I’d sooner chew pencil erasers than the boneless, skinless, tasteless chicken breasts she fancies.