Disc Jockey in Prince Rupert

I am organizing a wedding in May and need a DJ. Looked online and in the phone book, no luck. People tell me they know they exist but I can’t get any names.

Does anyone know a DJ in Prince Rupert ?

Try the Belmont, there’s a DJ there, the same one that used to play at the surf. There’s also the one from the underground, I’d assume.

There is a guy - last name Costa - lives on Smithers. I’ve heard he’s great!!

Ed Wong is the dj from the Belmont and surf club he did my wedding he is very good.

What kind of music is it for? Brandon Barton dj’d at the underground, as well as where ever he lived before :smile: His mixes are pretty good!

There’s D-Train, Derek Kormendy, the bylaw officer…he dj’ed at Lush regularly and some other shows I’ve been to…

Joe Mintenko dj’ed our wedding was very good! Great mix of oldies to new…had to appease everyone and it worked!

I hear rumours of these DJs but am unable to contact them. Its like a secret society, no phone numbers. Anybody know Dereks phone number?

Whoops… I guess I should not ask for phone numbers on line. Please disregard my last post.

If you look up any of those guys on Facebook, you’ll be able to send them a message and get their rates, and if they are available to do private parties.

Through sports banquets, I’ve worked with Joe and Ed, and both were great. They have a great mix of music, and can keep everyone entertained.

i hope you like acdc

David Costa also does a good mix of old, new and reads crowds well. 624-6326 I think.

You should not need to worry about what music they play due to the fact that most people will write a playlist to he/she that is doing the party. Secondly anyone with a sound system, 2 cd players and some lighting can do a wedding, there is not really much involved besides making a few funny remarks and paying attention to what is getting people moving. Also if you are getting a d.j make sure he is a wedding d.j because most real d.j’s will stick to their types of music rather than playing mash up…I highly doubt your grandma wants to be rocking out to Dubstep all night… If you have any direct questions feel free to ask I have been doing this for 10 years , I have probably seen it all.