Disappointing Night for NDP supporters

Guess it’s not just BC where the NDP message didn’t take root

Nova Scotia has said farewell to the NDP, Liberals win decisive victory.

cbc.ca/news/canada/nsvotes20 … -1.1929962

Wonder what this does to the Federal NDP hopes, seems like Liberalism in it’s many forms is making a comeback!

federal NDP is hoping for the quebec vote again, but they forget Quebecer’s votes last election were a fluke thanks to Jack Layton. they liked him, Mulcair on the other hand will lose alot of their votes, but he is trying to appease them because they are the majority of his caucus, but by doing this he is alienating other voters in other provinces.

Don’t forget some of the QC NDP MPs are also traitors (Quebec Solidaire).

I was surprised when the NDPs were re-elected here in manitoba. And now with a 1% PST hike (even re wrote legislation to circumvent illegalities of the move) plus other outright “F.U. Manitoba” moves I can almost assure you they won’t hold power after the next election. But I guess you can never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

I’ll never understand why we gave so much power to a bunch hairy pitted, rude, self important, nasty cheese smelling criminals in the first place. It’s something we really need to rectify for the good of our country.

Quebec is like canada’s own little Australia but with crappier weather and worse accents.