Dill Pickle Doritos

Are GROSS, dont buy them, i thought katchup dorito’s decent, but dill pickle. Just nasty.

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What about Salsa flavoured Lays?

I seen dose dudder day down to da store. Grose if you asks me.

What happenned to Szechuan potato chips?
I miss those…

How about Liver’N’Onion? mmm-mmm good.

Szechuan chips just tasted like another barbeque variation to me.

Lime and Black Pepper Miss Vickies are where it’s at.

Miss Vickies! The best chips ever. My favorites: Regular ( red bag) and the blue bag

Light blue or dark blue? The dark blue ones are my 2nd favourite.

Mmm…I love Mrs. Vickie’s Chips. Dark Blue kind are my fave. Drool…

I sure miss those garlic shoe string chips!


Light blue or dark blue? The dark blue ones are my 2nd favourite.[/quote]

Dark blue I guess. I don’t recall seeing the light blue. What flavor?

Dark blue are chili and sour cream I believe… light blue are sea salt and vinegar.

Im still a cool ranch fan, and Doritos Bold BBQ are rad… for Ms Vickies…Salt and Peper are good… But im going to have to say… Cheezies are best :stuck_out_tongue:




Good ole Computer art class :smiley:



For those of you who missed it.

and Cheezies are Canadian!!

All Dressed…

I can’t believe we are talking about potato chips. Who_would_have_thunk


For those of you who missed it.[/quote]

well bargained and done!