Did the world BOO Canada at the closing ceramonies?

It seemed like they booed because the cheer went on too long, PM Campbell sat down pretty quick!

possibly when they were saying LOOOOUUUUUUU!!!

sounds like booing

maybe but he was not in the building.

I’m almost certain they were "Luuu"ing.

Cmon, of course they were saying “lou lou lou lou lou” Doesn’t matter if he wasn’t in the building, he was likely watching. And on top of that it was a unique chant why wouldn’t they do that?

Looouuu is also the sound of people making love in a canoe :imp:

The reference was Mr. Furlong’s reference to the “last gold medal which we will remember for generations”, homers they chose to chant Louuuuuuuu instead of Siddddddd, which of course would have been misinterpreted as ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…

All of us Canucks fans knew it was “Louuu” and not a boo.  :smile:

Even I knew it was a ‘Loooouuuuuuuuu’… and I’m, ya know, foreign! :smile:

That is a typical response from Canadians, it was Louuuuuuuu not boo. Standing up for the other guy!
I think that they started booing because they could believe that Canada would not stop CHEERING!

You guys are having it all wrong.  After drinking all that beer, the spectators were just chanting ‘loo’…as a way to relieve themselves…that’s all.

Please don’t read more into it than that.   :wink:

Plus, no audience really “boooooooooos” in unison.

Did you watch hockey at all?? You realise that it’s not just the atheletes that attend the closing ceremonies right?? There are other people in the stands. No crowd chants “boo boo boo boo boo” otherwise they just sound like yogi bear. They were chanting “lou lou lou lou” Just like they did at the hockey games. But if you want to believe that people we’re booing us, then fine, whatever you say Yogi. Go steal some pick a nick baskets…

Whoever started cheering for Luongo in this fashion  a few years ago should have thought about the similarity between “Loo” and “Boo”.  The first time I heard this while watching a Canucks home game on tv, I too thought they were booing. 
Maybe the cheer should have been “Go”!