Does this make DH 1337?

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Yo! Sheeeeit!!

I’m up in the Accent Hotel where Amit is stayin’ and Daaaaag son!

We’s be watchin’ CityTV or some Shit, and Speaker’s Corner is on… Guess who I saw!!!


Word up Dyl?!

DH was on speaker’s corner bitchin’ about 1 Hour Photo!!

[quote=“dh”]One hour photo… blah blah blah…
I didn’t get mine for Four days… blah blah blah…
Stuposed to be 1 hour photo… blah blah blah…[/quote]

It was something to that effect…

You fuckin’ RULE DH!!! Word!!

We were so stoked… one minute it’s on mute, then we turn up the volume, and just as soon as we pump the volume, you come onto the TV!!!

Wooot!! That shit is Off the hoook!!!

That’s fucking intense… dh should paddle 'cross the creek and come see me.

That’s cash money! It was on the night of my 19th birthday and I was just trashed…

Fuckin’ Happy Belated Birthday DH!!!

That’s from Dave and Amit!!

Amit says on your ICQ…

What were you developing at a One hour Photo when you’s be all havin’ Digimon Camera!!???

Go get him Camera-mon!!!

On TV? I used to hang out with that guy!!

I’m gonna be on after the Canucks game tomorrow! Tune in to watch the dork fest.

Nudity at the Canucks game?

PD is back in effect! Word.


I’m so wrecked right now…


I just dropped off Amardt and his Famarly at the Airpart… :cry:

We drank sos much last night… I ain’t think I’d ever get drunk up in this place…

I slept with Amit’s sister!
Mad spooning!

Charlie Spuna


I ain’t think I would sleep with any chicks up in this place…

She’s going to India to get married, and I just slept with her!

It’s Scandalous!!


And by sleep, I mean sleep.



I barely remember going to Speakers Corner that night. I’m going to go down to the TV station and ask if I can have a copy of it.