Interesting new show on Movie Central on Sundays.

Dexter, a serial killer with a decent day job! … 9483191630

Dexter Morgan is a blood splatter expert with the Miami Police Department, called out to help investigate some of the more horrific crimes of South Florida.

By night, Dex is out there taking care of the serial killer business from the business side of the program, killing those law breakers who have escaped from the wrath of justice.

Very neat plot, but weird little show. Michael C. Hall moves over from the recently ended Six Feet Under to take on the role of Dexter, in a very creepy fashion.

It’s one of the new shows from the pay channels that is getting all the buzz…

Anybody see the debut? And if you did what did you think? 

My sister wants to watch it badly, because she was a fan of one Dexter from Rupert. Anyway, it does sound interesting. But I can’t watch it, Movie Central is too expensive for us out here. It is also called Movie Network out here.

Check with Mig or Crazy Mike, they seem to have some magical powers to download future vision shows, they seem to have flown through the season of the Wire already.  I being the tecno turd that I seem to be must watch but one show a week on the cathode ray machine…

They’re not the only ones who have magical powers  :wink:

I have downloaded and watched all 4 episodes. I officially love this show. Awesome stuff.


thanks for the heads up guys downloading this too, my other fav shows are Hereos ( I goo Goo Goo for it) and Jericho its very good too guys.

Jericho is interesting, wasn’t sure how they were going to handle nuclear bombs going off, who knew that the beer will keep flowing regardless of the missiles flying to and fro. The show has some potential especially the way they are working the two characters missing years into the plot. While it gets hokey at times as all the town’s citizens seem to rally round the flag in each show, it still is fairly interesting. It’s kind of like 24 in a way, as each episode ends with a bit of a tease as to what the next turn might be.

Haven’t seen Heroes so I have no idea what the show is about, plus can only watch so many shows in the course of a week.

I’ve started watching Criminal Minds and Shark on Thursdays, one a renewal this year  the other a new show. Both are very well done and seem to be helping CBS on that night.

haha I know what you mean Podunkian.  I haven’t even been able to get around to
watching the latest episode of Prison Break yet because I’ve also been trying to catch
up on Bleach. 

Plus there is also Heroes & The Office, which I will definately make time for. 


Here’s another one to add to your torrent list. Showtime has a series called “Sleeper Cell”. I downloaded the first season and it’s pretty damn good so far. I’m on episode 3 now. Without giving things away it’s about a terrorist sleeper cell in the USA.


You guys are all missing out.  One Tree Hill, The OC, Friday Night Lights, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Ugly Betty, How I Met Your Mother, The Class, and Two and a Half Men are where it’s at yo.  :laughing: