Dennis Hopper passed away at 74

Easy Rider Legend finally lost his battle to the Big C and I am sure he will be remembered for his movies and his lifestyle. Hope he finds a big harley waiting for him on the other side.

aww I liked him  :cry:

Great actor, some classic, and timeless roles. My personal favorite, however twisted is the scene from Blue velvet when he’s going down on Isabella Rossellini while while taking hits of nitrous oxide from the mask. While the kid is hiding in the closet watching them.

Easy Rider facts.

[quote]Following are some key facts about Easy Rider, the groundbreaking 1969 biker film directed by Dennis Hopper. Hopper played Billy, alongside Peter Fonda as Wyatt, aka Captain America.

  • Fonda came up with the idea while drinking beer and smoking marijuana in a Toronto motel room. He immediately called Hopper in the middle of the night, and proposed they both write and star, that Hopper direct and he produce.

  • Hopper viewed the story - two drug-dealing bikers who ride their Harley-Davidsons across the country to Mardi Gras, and are then shot by rednecks - as a fable about how pursuers of the American dream lose sight of their freedom.

  • The script was credited to Fonda, Hopper and influential writer Terry Southern, although they bitterly argued about who was responsible for the final product.

  • Hopper and Fonda, who also argued about profit-sharing, started the production as friends and ended it as feuding enemies.

  • Hopper was reluctant to cast the unknown Jack Nicholson as the alcoholic lawyer because he wanted someone with an authentic Texan accent.

  • Hopper claimed in 1994 that he had fired Rip Torn from the role ultimately played by Nicholson, because Torn had pulled a knife on him. Torn sued Hopper for defamation, and won a $475,000 judgment.

  • The film was budgeted at about $360,000, funded by windfall profits from the duo behind The Monkees. Hopper said it made its money back in one week, from one theatre.

  • The marijuana the characters smoked on screen was authentic, high-quality product that had a quick effect.[/quote]

Easy Rider Facts

RIP, Dennis.

  • The marijuana the characters smoked on screen was authentic, high-quality product that had a quick effect. 

R.I.P  hopper

Paris Trout.

He loved playing twisted assholes… I’ll miss him.

Yeah, I liked him as the psycho bomber in Speed.  :sunglasses: