Dells new gaming netbook / mini-laptop?

  Not sure how they will define it. But anyway here’s some of the spec’s I pulled off a few web sites.
  For $799 ya get an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, GT335M GPU from NVIDIA,  an11.6-inch display, 1,366x768 resolution, 6.5 hour battery, Video out via DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, built-in Wi-Fi, a built-in webcam. Other features include the ability to alternate from the NVIDIA GPU and an integrated chipset on the fly (no required restart) for added power efficiency for non-gaming use.

  And here is one of the most notable features on the M11x is it’s built-in SIM card reader, which allows users to pop their cellphone’s SIM card into the laptop and get wireless internet wherever they are, so long as they have a data plan.

  The Alienware M11x is expected to ship this February. looks kinda sweet :sunglasses:

check it out here

The Alienware does look pretty awesome! Hope they manage to ship it without a power supply almost as big as the laptop! My last one almost needed another bag just to carry power with you :frowning: