Deep freeze

Does any one know how to get deep freeze working with windows xp ? I need help with it.

I hear you need a VDV drive.



Hi Jason.

Just install it, it will reboot. There, it’s working.

“It’s ok to just turn off the computers with the switch on the wall, they are running deep freeze, naaaa.” MiG, HumTech 9

DeepFreeze is man’s best friend. Easy to crack, yeah, but keeps all the spyware, installed crap, and general silliness away from Windows.

From my point of view, not having DeepFreeze or something similar will lead to “infected” Windows, especially in a shared environment. Within days, the computer is unusable.

yeah… wonder if it works with the currnt os im trying to install/ configure BSD heh.

prolly not.


What? You want to install DeepFreeze on BSD? WHY?

Just don’t use the root account, and you won’t damage anything.

it was a joke but a cry for help with setting xfree86 ( x-window-s )

and then

Dude, you’re confused.

I remember the computers at school back in ontario. They didnt use deepfreeze and boy were those computers horrible, so slow, and crap, it was asslike. Ive had dumps that have logged onto the internet faster (heh, dumps logging on)

hehe deep freezeis for a freind at the collage. : O ) and

Ahem bsd is getting installed on my new server i got for free

Dual pII 266 with ecc memory and a 5gig hdd dual nic’s and ect ect ect

i hated deep freeze in high school…couldn’t install cs or anything when we had free time :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway…is deep freeze a good idea to use on a personal computer? if it is, why so? i’m interested cuz of MiG’s comment on keeping files safe and stuff on a computer…

you could install anything that didn’t require a reboot

speaking of which, could you reboot windows only with reboot on?

and believe me, not being able to install anything is a sure shit better then having windows comps running the way they do after a few weeks of windows, 10x more so with them being public. Those 566s at chss ran pretty sweety imo

If you’re the only one using your computer, no need to deepfreeze it. I only do it on shared computers. That’s because every single person who sits down at a Windows machine thinks that they “know computers” and starts changing things. Along comes the next person, who also “knows computers” and starts changing things. Soon, Comet Cursor, Xupiter, and every other piece of spyware is installed, and there are many of our favourite Windows DLL conflicts. As stuff starts crashing, more “computer experts” try and fix things.

Deep Freeze avoids this, because every time somebody logs out, the computer is back to its original state.

And yes, it’s trivial to get around. But those who are smart enough to get around it are also smart enough to realize why it’s on the computer.

And Brandon, we actually have Half Life/CS/DoD on all the machines in my room. We just don’t play it during school, that’s all. It needs to be “activated” in order to work.

Cool…thanks. I was just curious as to wether or not its beneficial on a personal computer.

As for the Half Life/CS/DoD, I’m talking about before you started that in your room…this was when Deep Freeze was first introduced at CHSS. I already knew you had CS and stuff happenin in your room…I’ve been there quite a few times to play before I graduated, and a couple times after when I was visiting my little brother who goes to CHSS.

hmmmm I would think Java dotcup would use that or something similar right? I ask this because I’ve seen a perv there who I’ve caught going after lil kids on irc.

A few years ago, he pretended to be younger and would strike up conversations with young girls trying to get them to send him pics and talk on the phone. His approach was disgusting, and repulsive, it made me sick when I saw the conversation he had with a male friend of mine (who I asked to pretend to be a chick.) A few months after that conversation, he chased a friend of mine’s daughter to school one morning.

I wonder if they actually check the computer logs very often, or just check it when there’s a problem?


Deep Freeze on personal computer is handy since it keeps registry clean… so it won’t remember that you installed something on reboot… something like oh say, a demo software that normally goes for thousand of dollars and the demo that you have is only for 15 day trial…