Deceased two months in an apartment?

Did anyone else catch this story in the police report in last night’s Daily News? Apparently a 66 year old man was found deceased of a heart attack - two months later. 

I had heard about it a few days ago, apparently in Wayne Place?  I can’t imagine how a person could go unnoticed for that long?  Why do we not notice our neighbour anymore? And don’t they have a super or whatever you would call them there on site or doesn’t anyone in there require homecare or such that they may have noticed he had not been seen?  It is very sad and we should take a message away from this.  Watch over our neighbours.  We certainly stick our noses in if it’s kids having a party  :unamused:

Northern View: … 49127.html

“A 66-year-old male was found deceased in his apartment from cardiac arrest due to uncontrolled diabetes. It appears the male had been deceased for approximately two months. Just a reminder to check on relatives, especially elderly or those suffering from illnesses, on a regular basis. Better safe than sorry.”

I heard last week about it but I believe it was the seaview apartments. But do we just step over people like in New York, we have lost something there as humans.

People tried to raise the red flags with the authorities, but these concerns went unchecked.

Doesn’t there come a time, if you have raised the red flags, obviously you are concerned something is wrong, that we take matters into our own hands and damn the possible legal consequences, but I think we all know how to break a door down.  That is just BS !  What authorities were notified?

Several people, and some more than once, tried to file a missing person report but were unsuccesful for reasons that I do not know.
I dont really have anything to say more, except, that I dont think this specific incident relects badly on anyone or anything. This is more, a case of unfortunate circumstances and just plain sad. RIP

He was a bit of a recluse, and it’s a little difficult to even get in the main door at the Seaview as it’s usually locked.

He did not have an uncaring family, nor was he neglected (thats what the article seemed to say to me)  He was suppossed to have gone on a vacation, so noone checked in on him, thinking he was out of town.  Its definately a very sad set of circumstances

I hadn’t heard from him for a while about six months ago, and after contacting him again asked if someone was checking in on him regularly and he assured me there was.

This time he had told me he was to get involved in the Lax Kw’allams elections and was thinking of visiting family for Christmas.

We usually got together every couple of months for sushi and I was again about to shake the internet tree to get arrange a f2f when I found the “RIPs” on his facebook page.

Just too many assumptions on my and others parts. Very sad it took so long. Even if we had known, nothing could have been done anyway.

Very sad indeed!  RIP.