whenever i try look view some peoples posts, this error comes up. what does it mean? And some ads aren’t being displayed properly for me either. help!

[quote]Could not delete old search id sessions


SQL Error : 1036 Table ‘phpbb_search_results’ is read only

DELETE FROM phpbb_search_results WHERE session_id NOT IN … stuff deleted…’)

Line : 630
File : /mnt/drive2/websites/htmfbeta/forum/search.php [/quote]

What were you doing when you saw that message?

There is some corruption in the database, and I’ve been fixing it as I catch it (that’s why it says “mysql not available” or “cannot connect to database” or whatever – I’m fixing it).

I just fixed that table up (phpbb_search_results) and it seems ok now.

As for the ads, bannerswap is funky. They’ll fix it soon.

when i was trying to look at latest posted form a specific user it did that to me.

Is it still doing it?

neh, but this was on satrurday at my g/f’s house

off on a tangent, whats the private forum for?

Fucking an animal.