Death to Vista

Hey did you know you can get Vista Ultimate 64 bit FULL VERSION for $150 from an outfit called DD something in Vancouver? But if I could come “close” the guy would shop local???
Neither did I, cuz the OEM’s $199 wholesale so I asked the guy to pick me up 80 or 100 copies and I’d pay him later.  :smiley:

Always wondered who in their right fucking mind would shell out for Ultimate.

turns out… poor bugger came in with a new laptop, but his insurance office VPN required Vista Ultimate. He’d bought an Ultimate upgrade disk ($399 Staples) and his techs in Vancouver could not get it to install.
So it came with “Anytime Upgrade”. It took 15 seconds for M$oft to process the $199 fee, and 5 more to crash. Couldn’t read a file on the DVD…
So I just happened to have another Anytime DVD… same thing. So I google it and popular ‘solution’ is to use an external DVD… same result, both copies.
So I BURN a new copy, thinking if anything’s wrong it will show up during the copy process… put the burned copy in the external and PRESTO… away it goes 100% of files copied. 20 minutes later, it’s FAILED… no reason given.
Back to square one five more tries and no DVD or DVD player in the store would do anything different. Five 1/2 hours WASTED.
Guy comes in at 5:30… showed him Ubuntu. Showed him Tiger on the Mac. Showed him 10 feet of deskspace covered in external burners, copies of Ultimate and Anytime upgrade… Here’s your best choice, sir:
Call Visa and cancel the payment to M$oft. Take the laptop back to Staples.

So who do I bill for 5 1/2 hours of wasted time?

I cant stand them stupid Mac Pc commercials.  I admit Vista is stupid, but I would take xp over a mac any day.

So what do you do when someone buys a new HP with 500 Gigabyte hard drive stuck right there on the front label, and TWO 250s RAID’d inside?
Would that be false advertising by any chance?

And haha it’s got some company’s oh-so-fucking-important files on it that must be recovered. With Vista and NO disks in the pkg at all.
So you can’t boot it with XP or Bart cuz it can’t read the RAID?

Thats because your a moron.

MAN O MAN i feel your pain, however i ditched pc’s because they suck and to much stress. Now i deal with optical hdmi and coax cables :stuck_out_tongue:

I so know the machine your talking about tho too :stuck_out_tongue: 2 250’s and 500gigs advertised :stuck_out_tongue:

Hp ? recover cd’s HAHAH NEVER.!

I just bought the gf a laptop for xmas, the HV dv2612, the first thing i did was created the recovery cd’s and then uninstalled all the NORTON SHIT!.

Naw yer not fucked out of it quite yet, you can load raid driver from xp’s boot, the default ones may even just work, try it. If not during the boot from the xp cd you see it say something about press F5 or something to load third party scsi and/or raid drivers, tada!

Not bart tho, and he would have to download them raid drivers onto something to load them, would that be a floppy, what machine has a floppy drive in it any more ? Can you access a usb stick in setup mode…? Doubt it…

DAM mac is getting more and more attention :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d have to look up the drivers from HPs website and do a lot of work.
Not for $50, and not right now, front of the line, either.
Not for a company that went expressly out of it’s way to buy the cheapest computer they could find, somewhere else.

If it’s so fucking important, they can pay like it’s fucking important. I’ll take the little old lady’s $50 jobs first until they wrap their heads around that concept.

and NO, you can only load the XP RAID from floppy. Hahahaha!

Another good reason to buy a mac :stuck_out_tongue:

lets face it man, pc’s re becoming a pain in the FUCKIN ASS!!.

Agreed.  Unless MS can correct the many bugs plaguing Vista with SP1 they will lose market share to Macs and Linux.  Vista is the best advertising for Apple.

PC world issued it’s 15 Biggest Disappointments of 2007

#1 was Vista

M$oft made the list 3X with Vista, Office 2007 and the Zune.
They also included Leopard in the list…

Yeah, I’ve read reviews stating that some people are having trouble with their leopard system giving them a gray screen of death, the unit locks-up, then the computer needs to be re-booted.  I’m pretty sure it won’t take Apple over a year to address these concerns.

When people do a Mac OS X upgrade, there’s bound to be problems.  Especially if you’re using some non-standard stuff (such as Haxies).  When upgrading, there’s 3 options:  upgrade, archive and install, and clean format.

Clean format is the best.  Archive and install keeps all your files on the drive, and moves your old system to a folder called “old system.”  That works ok too.  Upgrade in place is the worst thing to do.

Anyway, here’s an interesting link on Slashdot:

“US Army installing Macs” … Bootcamp

A good read, the US Army thinks that Macs are more secure than Window units. :sunglasses:  I also think Macs are more secure.

I agree :smile: I love mine :smile: