Dear Nathn Cullen


a question for Nathan Cullen, when the federal government put the LNG plants as manufacturers so they pay the same taxes and writedowns as a manufacturer you claimed this was a subsidy to the LNG plants, just the other day your leader Mr Mulcair stated he would raise corporate taxes on manufacturers but give financial incentives to the auto industry, now here is my question, why is it ok to give financial incentives to the auto industry all the time and not to all the manufacturers in this country, and why do you support that when you obviously didn’t support the LNG industry from being called a manufacturer, which by the way would create much needed jobs in your riding, because you thought it was a subsidy.

actually what is the position of the other parties on this


As far a I know, there are no LNG possibilities in Ontario. Promising Financial Incentives to auto manufacturers in Ontario, where the NDP have yet to find much success in the polls being taken, is okay. Curiously, a lot of of those manufacturers have a union workforce.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose (Mulcair speaks fluent french, I am not so sure about Nathan).