Dear Ms Rice, your view on the hosipital

I was wondering what is her view on Terrace becoming the care center for our hospital needs, does she think it is wise to downgrade our hospital?

Might I suggest that Ms Rice may have been busy for the last week or so…the Speech from the Throne and the subsequent sitting of the legislature etc.

Maybe if you were to directly e-mail her, or share your opinions about the Liberal government’s plans for further underfunding of public health care, you might elicit a response - or at least promote some discussion on HTMF.

You might even wish to ask Mr. Pond for his rationale for the ‘downgrade’ to our health care services: he is after all interested in representing us.

So what do you think?


I agree with chien22. I think you’ll have better luck with contacting Ms. Rice directly. I don’t know if she’s a member of HTMF.

Here’s her e-mail address:

since the election hasn’t started yet no use asking Pond yet

I disagree. Herb is the Liberal candidate for the North Coast. The election is quite close; it is on May 9, 2017.

Herb’s contact e-mail :

Hitest has been most helpful in providing you contact information for both Ms. Rice and Mr. Pond. (Although, I think your suggestion that Mr. Pond would only be interested in the issue you raised during an election and not other times is most ungenerous).
Please keep us updated on their responses to your concerns.
Certainly, considering the weather and road conditions this morning in Prince Rupert, a drive up to Terrace for services would appear problematic for someone in need of medical attention/diagnosis.
Again, might I suggest your opinions on the health care situation that the current government has promoted for people in the Northwest and the province in general, might interest the general readership of HTMF. I look forward to reading them.