Dear Costumer , I am the representative

Dear Costumer,
I am the representative of customer support center at Gmail.
We have received 42 complaints about your Email account recently.
Complaints Informations Details
• Complaint ID: 36215120793
• Complaint Received from : Gmail
• Complaints : Sending Malwares and Viruses
There are thousands of spam emails that were sent out from your email address in the last 3 days. We require your clarification now to avoid mail account deletion within 48 hours.
We recommend you to install an antivirus, We will choose the best one for you.
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Had a guy call after he received that in his mail. A lawyer FFS.
I’d just cloned his 128GB to a bigger TB SSD drive and removed the 1 TB spinner, as they sold him a “gaming laptop” and he was clueless about how to use 2 drives. So I put everything together in a simple 1 drive setup he was familiar with using. Ranted that I’d infected his computer and after calming him and teaching him how to see who the mail came from (someone @samesgunclub) he’s almost convinced that samsgunclub does not run Gmail and it’s fake.
Maybe he’ll pay me for the work I did. Sure as hell won’t be hiring him.

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I got one too and deleted it

Heh-heh. Love the spelling errors. I love the phone calls from “Microsoft” warning me about problems with my Windows PC.

Halloween email? Lots of costumers around then…

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You want my Visa number? How did you notice suspicious activity on my Visa without knowing the number?
Today I got a text that USPS couldn’t deliver a parcel, click the link. Hmmm the US Postal Service doesn’t deliver mail in Canada? What a surprise!

Scammers that make as little effort as possible. Waiting for the mssg to bail out my grandson. He’s almost two now.