Dear City Hall--

are you friggin kidding me

thanks to north coast review

in the article

She and Councillor Cunningham also had questions on the impact of a major project on the socio economic conditions of the city, calling attention to the current housing concerns of Council and whether AltaGas had any plans to invest in affordable housing in the community or through a financial contribution towards that issue.

here is a company that is willing to invest in an industrial project in Rupert and they ask if they are going to invest in social housing? really why not put up a sign at the outskirts of RUpert, Dear Industrial project investors if you don’t invest in social housing we don’t want your jobs. They are not putting up condos where you can trade density for social housing, and they really don’t need city approval for the project since it is on federal land, so stop scaring these ppl away sheesh.

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